Type 2 Diabetes

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For type 2?
If you get all of your diabetic pills from the GP, he should be able to supply you with a meter and the lancets and test sticks on your prescription as well, although they limit it to one box of 50 strips a month..
I visited my GP this morning after having a couple of Hypers (opposite of Hypos) in the past couple of month, result being will now be on insulin as from Friday.
I was surprised to find there isn’t already a thread about this; I can’t be the only old fat bugger on ARRSE.

I had my yearly medical and my blood result showed I have type 2 diabetes. They look at your HbA1c levels, if it’s above 48 then you have type 2 diabetes.

I’m aware that some of you already deal with diabetes and I’m not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs. I just wish there was a thread that I could have gone to so that I could inform myself as it’s a bit of a learning curve.

Type 2 diabetes can lead on to other, serious, health problems - liver disease, blindness and loss of limbs.

It can be controlled by meds, but then you’re not really dealing with the cause and meds themselves can cause other issues.

Ive read that Type 2 diabetes would be better understood if it was referred to as Carbohydrate Intolerance.

With some advice from the nurse I have turned down the meds route and am looking to eat my way out of diabetes with the help of a good book.

This isn’t an advertisement for the book, but it is cheap and seems quite good, however it’s not perfect and there are lots of pitfalls.

The plan is to cut back on carbs, ditching bread, potatoes and pasta for green veg, proteins (steak, chicken, fish).

I’ve started this thread in the cooking forum to hopefully help myself and others with collective knowledge and avoid those pitfalls I mentioned.
what’s interesting about eating lots of protein is the body is only capable of processing (I recollect it’s roughly this but you’d need to check) 1g of protein per kilogram of body weight, so you can
eat your arse of on protein and your body has a natural limit that it can process. What happens to the excess protein that your body can’t process is you piss it out.

going on a protein only diet is therefore a very very very expensive way of starving yourself as you can eat tons and tons of the stuff and your body will only process 1g / kilogram. It’s basically a complete waste of money. If you want to go on a protein only diet, basically just eat one sausage a day and nothing else case you can’t process it anyway.

I think I’ve got the values right but I’m sure someone will be along to correct me if I’m out with the numbers.
I've never had test strips or lancets on prescription, probably because my control is good. I do have a meter, but it's only used to check levels during illness or unexpected circumstances.

I also use it when flying, to keep the CAA happy.

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This low carb approach seems to be working, I had a blood test and my HA1C count is down to 50 from 54 is two weeks.


This low carb approach seems to be working, I had a blood test and my HA1C count is down to 50 from 54 is two weeks.
Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. For some reason, on my mum's side of the family, it appears to be hereditary (not sure if that is actually possible). I certainly remember visiting my Great Uncle in Warrington General (early 70s) who sadly had lost both legs through it.

My mum was diagnosed with it about 20 yrs ago and went straight onto the meds almost immediately. Incredibly, over the past couple of years, for one reason or another, she's lost about 3 stone in weight and, incredibly, has now been told to stop taking the meds.

FWIW, I think you're doing the right thing, addressing your T2 diabetes thro your diet and I can only wish you the very best of luck
Watched this a while back and found it interesting. It is also worth using your google-fu to search against her name as she has a few papers and other things out there.



This low carb approach seems to be working, I had a blood test and my HA1C count is down to 50 from 54 is two weeks.
HiD has also gone from pre-diabetic to safe on the Lighter Life diet - limited caleries (1100 female, 1500 male AFAICR), no carbs and almost purely vegan (soya protein etc). It costs her somewhere around £75 a month, either through Lighter Life or Superdrug..
I got a call from the clinic Nurse about my latest bloods, looking good on the diabetic front but concerned about the rapid weight loss. However the threshold is in sight

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