type 1 diabetic... still able to join the army?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by predatorplus, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. hi, i hope this is the right place to post this so here goes...
    me and my friend are looking into joining the army, after finishing college...
    he has type 1 diabetics and i was wondering would he be restricted in what he can do or would joining the army be totally out of the question in his case?

    any info you can supply on this will be great.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Army Web Site

    Whilst not qualified to answer this I'm pretty sure that this would not work at all with Military life. Speak to your ACIO to be sure.
  3. sorry matey - it remains, and will do - a NO!

    when you join, you need to survive Phase One and Two training , your medical condition would make you a liability in the field. sorry
  4. Type 2 is also a no-no...damnit!
  5. If you develop any type of Diabetes while serving you can remain in service (I have recently been Diagnosed with type 2), Type 1 in TA. Albeit down graded P7-P3 dependent on management of the condition. Type 1 cannot deploy anywhere outside UK. I'm hoping to be regraded P3 soon and go on ops, but will not deploy in a frontline role.

    The UK Armed Forces will not accept any recruit into service who suffers from Diabetes. Disability Discrimination Act exemption applies to Armed Forces for this condition.
  6. That is not what I was told...maybe I confised medical downgrade with permission to continue - or indeed point of continuing if MD?!
  7. I have to take tablets to control absence seizures. I've always kind of assumed that disqualified me from service, even though I can drive as long as I'm taking the medication.
  8. You can't join the TA with type 1.
  9. Sorry predator+ but the answer from a medical policy perspective would be in the negative.

  10. Are you American? Why not just say no.
  11. you can develope any illness you like once you are in, but PULHHEEMS prevents a lot of people getting in.

    It sets strict standards of acceptable 'risk'

    and unfortunately Type 1 diabetes is an unacceptable risk to service and the individual

    as I have already stated I think?
  12. Further to my earlier comments, as others have said you cannot join if you already have the condition. I developed it while in service. So I am allowed to remain in until i'm deemed unfit for continued service.

    Also if my control remains good for an eight week period prior to mobilisation I can deploy though not in a frontline role, this is from the CMO at Chilwell. So BAS is in play for me in November............
  13. Merlin

    dont worry mate

    you'll get used to repeating yourself
  14. V true, bedpan, but at least scary SF types are not screaming at me on here. Yet.....
  15. give it time