Type ‘J’ Field telephones

I have just taken possession of a pair of type ‘J’ field telephones and need help in accessing the battery compartment, how does it open please?
There should be two swing latches at each side.. bottom of the latch lever should be swung back to unlock and then towards you and up to open. If the levers are open and the lid still will not lift, then the rubber seal is stuck and probably needs some "persuasion"..!

The original batteries were mil specials as I recall, however a couple of U2 in a suitable holder can be substituted...

The pressel switches in the handpieces need to be pressed to make the things work.. you may need to strip and clean the contacts to make this work..
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Thank you, I was being careful before applying a bit of brute force...nothing is squaddy proof after all ;-)
Many thanks, now in :)
Yep.. there is a rubber seal around the top of the battery box that can stick if the rubber perishes.. just hope and pray there is not a mass of dead battery still in the box!
So far so good, the batteries were in but haven’t leaked :bounce:
One set came out fine, the other took a bit of persuasion. I have ordered two twin D cell holders off of Flea-bay, thank you for your help


Joshua Slocum

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I cheated and soldered some leads direct to the batteries
typical electrican
they last for ages anyway
for authenticity I also hollowed out a battery after melting the wax and set a battery inside it


Very similar cells to the ones we used to use on the railway for telephones in the days before fixed concentrators and GSM(R), No I don't have any!
This is the battery holder I bought, the dimensions are good so should fit right in.
I like the idea of hollowing out the battery as a shell though

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