Tyne Tees on Eastenders

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. When did a Essex Bn form part of the Tyne Tees.. Was it the London Geordies

    And when did they wear Russian/East German helmets

    I won't even mention the mulberries that kept disappearing ..
  2. 307

    307 War Hero

    Let it go, at least the writers chose to do something to honor the fallen, it would have been all to easy for them to not bother nowadays.
  3. I read they were doing a 2 minute silence, did that happen at the very start?
  4. The 2nd Battalion the Essex Regiment landed on Gold Beach as part of 56th Infantry Brigade which was attached to the 50th Tyne-Tees Division, the other units of the brigade were 2nd Glosters and 2nd South Wales Borderers. The researchers also got it right with the Sphinx brigade badge that the actors were also wearing.

    Many assaulting troops wore the new Mark 3 Helmet as opposed to the traditional Tommy helmet - but one or two of the extras were wearing the helmet back to front so giving it a 'foreign' look, shame really when little details like this spoil a reasonable effort.
  5. Oh dear polar, maybe there are some things your not an expert on after all !!!!!!!!
  6. Anyone catch Casualty with a guy wearing Number 2's with SFOR and Gulf medals in the wrong order ???

    Pedantic yes, if you think that was bad I raged at an episode of Waking the Dead when a body was hanging in a room when the police walked in, this was set in the eighties and he was wearing CBH boots (or was it BCH) the ones that came out second and looked like Brittain boots which didn't come out till much later

    or perhaps they were supposed to be Brittain boots ? Not sure when they came out ?

    Yes I lead a sad lonely life
  7. I think one of the worst wardrobe screwups I ever saw was on "Hollyoaks" ( the wife watches it)

    They had some bint singing at an army camp, only problem was the wardrobe mistress seemed to have watched too many yank war films, all the soldiers were in dpm but wearing caps and buzzed around in wllys jeeps ! To make thngs worse the singer seemed to be at some sort of walt re-enactors tea dance, all the squaddies were in number 2's

    Its at time like this the wife tells me to shut the **** up
  8. Would they have worn the TT sign. The correct name was 56th (Sphinx) Independent Brigade, the only Divisional badge worn would have been a polar bear, after it had joined 49th West Riding Div at Pedouze on Sat 19th August 1944

    banana-man ..... does that re-spotter me???