Tycoons knighted in birthday list

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. The usual Knighthoods and honours list has been published. As per norm its been awarded to ********* that do nothing for this Country!.

    The only one famous I think has earned is Esther Rantzen for her services to children & young people.

    They have even made the Kebab King of Easyjet a Sir!!
  2. Its not easy to run your own buisness, it takes a lot of determination.

    Doing well in buisness creates jobs, pays taxes and contributes to the economy, all very impotant contributions to the country if you ask me and much more important than the famous people honoured simply for being on the telly.
  3. Whatever you think about Stelios as an individual, he has built a business that is a great British success story. He has pioneered cheap travel for the masses creating an environment of competition in aviation which we all benefit from.

    His various ventures employ thousands of people in this country. I think the boys done well. I'd much rather see him knighted than some of our senior officers who you have never heard of and were money men at the MOD.
  4. Wonder how much he donated to the Labour party??
  5. You prefer a knighthood for this little rich kid foreigner who has always had it all on a plate and never had to work a day he didn't choose to rather than one of our own English Military senior officers?
    How bizarre
  6. Well said
  7. Dont forget philip green keeps his readies in monaco fair enough he earned it but dont think we should knight the tax dodger.
  8. What about the King of Notty Ash!!!
  9. You keep that greasy weasle Pip Green away from me! On all the taxes he's dodged, while exploiting low paid retail workers in this country and all the poor bastards stiching his tat overseas.I...I...Christ, I'm going to have a lie down. :x
  10. Its called rewarding entrepreneurship.

    Why is it people always do you down in this country for being successful?

    Besides there are only a set number of knighthoods that are handed out to 3*+ officers, its not a case of civilians and military 'sharing' them.
  11. I'm all for recognising our own entrepreneurs and encouraging our own to succeed but to bestow a Knighthood upon a foreigner who got 5 million quid from daddy so he could start a business up is not what it's about.
    Every time an award is given it's not just given to the individual- its given to him as a representative example of what this country values and recognises the best efforts of the individual and all who either work with him or those who live their lives like him.
    There is no integrity in honouring a foreigner with money coming out of his ears before a man who bestows such old fashioned merits as service, sacrifice, courage, bravery, integrity and a lifetimes commitment to his own nation even at risk of death.
    True- It's not either/or with this man but the point made was that the poster preferred Mr 'Easyjet Stelios' to be knighted rather than some of our own military senior officers.
    I would prefer a British toilet cleaner who also is involved in charity work or one who has launched an ethical successful business that has provided a few jobs to be recognised before a foreigner who was born with a five million pound silver spoon in his mouth.
  12. Surely those people are rewarded already with very large pay packets and even larger pensions.So much for B-Liar changing things!
  13. I usually read the honours lists with cringeing trepidation, but was pleasantly surprised this time around. They have been described as "low key" in the press, which seems fair. They were certainly light on the usual totally undeserving *******, ie the Elton Johns and Mick Jaggers of this world, so that has to be welcomed. ( note, I did say light, not devoid, Beverley who?)

    Congratulations to Sir Stelios, deserving in my opinion, as I remember the bad old days of then 1980's when it cost £200 to fly from London to Belfast.

    Ester deserves hers too.

    I am still waiting for a knighthood for Michale Foale though, CBE paghh!
  14. IIRC Stelios is a British citizen.