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I have seen the replies on NT Overissue can anyone tell me about TX Overissue's as mine is about £3600. Its money I have been paid but they are F***ing around with my qualification dates and promotion dates resulting in me being moved from SSgt H6 down to H2. I understand I will be paying the money back but what does the TX mean and what is the difference between this and an NT Overissue?
Mighty_Blighty said:
Taxable overissue. You have paid tax on what you have been overpaid in simple terms.
The only difference is the amount you pay back , if it is TX overissue( ie LSSA) ,you will be credited the tax back , You should see a drop in tax when the over-issue is taken out ,if it is NT you won't(ie LOA).
I received notification of the overissue (AFG 9162 i think) and replied with the relevant form (9163 ?) saying that I did'nt agree as it has occured because they have mucked up my qualification dates and appointed me before I was qualified eg.eg which resulted in them dropping me 4 pay levels 8 months after finishing the course!!

Twice they tried to get me to sign the paperwork saying that I agreed and would pay x amount for 11 months and twice I told them no and even wrote out another copy of my response on the relevant form (copied word for word from my file copy).

I have also submitted a redress stating that they cannot change the dates to what they are for x, x and x reasons.

With no notification they have just taken the first payment out of my wages!! How can they do this?? (Found out from armynet pay statement)

(Sod's law I am based in BFG and am in the UK on leave - but when I get back in a few days they are going to get an ear full!)
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