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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Markintime, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Twotter

    I expect that many of you will have heard of Twitter the internet phenomenon. Twitter The idea is that Twitters produce Tweets which are microblogs of up to 140 words which tell everyone what you are doing now.

    I thought it would be a laugh to have a NAAFI Bar version where squaddie minds can let fly! Post a Twott or reply to someone else’s Twott, it’s up to you.

    I give you Twotter and look forwards to your Twotts

    20:41 Had thoughts about instructor_82
  2. 20:47 Am packing to leave. Where's me bag?
  3. 20:45 Just had a big shit - bit concerned as it was rock hard with all sloppy bits around the outside and it stunked the bottom floor of the house out. It was also at 16 sheets before I gotbored of polishing my valve so I reckon there could be skidmarks on the sheets before morning
  4. 20.49 reading ARRSE
  5. 20:50 Taken back to boy service by skidded sheets!
  6. 20:50 - At present, pondering whether green, or blue suits me better. I'm not sure, therefore, I'm going for grey, for tomorrow's boredem.
  7. 20:50 Scratching Arrse
  8. Are senior ranks in the Army born or made? Every man above the rank of Colonel looks exactly the same. I wonder is there a goddamn factory somewhere producing silver-haired clones overfond of cliches and with a fetish for red trousers?
  9. 20:56
    Reading ARRSE and trying to remember what a cavalry Colonel looks like, don't see many of them in the paint section of B&Q
  10. 20:58 Saw Life Guards Colonel in paint section of B&Q today.
  11. 2159(CET)

    Just paid the balance of my Medical Bill by phone. £8,000. Damn, that's a lot of reddies!
  12. 2100 Watching X-men kick off on Film4 and pondering if Mystique was my missus, would she be offended if I asked her to not change from the normal blue appearance?
  13. Knocker, do you do anything else but scratch IT?
  14. 2102 Picking Arrse.
  15. 2100 trying not to think about my SO2 who comes off leave tommorow and will utter the word of it always goes tits up when im away