Times like this that I am totally in favour of the short drop and choke for these scum.

I hope that the judicial system does not cock up and award insulting sentences for this crime.

Guilty plea to murder

A MAN accused of the murder of soldier Kinnon Ragni has changed his plea to guilty.

Marc Donald Campbell, aged 34, had previously denied being involved in the fatal stabbing of the lance corporal, outside Minnies nightclub, on November 23, last year.

Campbell, of Goshawk Road, Haverfordwest, will be sentenced later this year. A second man denies murder and will face trial in July.
Second man pleads guilty in Kinnon murder case
A second man arrested in connection with the murder of a soldier in Haverfordwest last November has pleaded guilty to assisting an offender.

Edward George Davies, 31, of Heol Penlan, Stop and Call, Goodwick, entered the guilty plea last week.

Before this he had maintained his innocence, entering a plea of not guilty for the murder of serving soldier Kinnon Arrigo Ragni.

The news comes three weeks after Marc Campbell, 34, of Goshawk Road, Haverfordwest, admitted the murder of Mr Ragni.

Davies appeared in front of Swansea Crown Court today, where the Crown Prosecution Service told Judge John Diehl that the plea was acceptable.

It is now expected that the murder charge will be dropped and that Davies will not stand trial.

Davies and Campbell will now appear in front of Swansea Crown Court for sentencing at the end of this month.

The sentencing hearing will take place on July 27th or 30th, depending on the availability of barristers involved in the case.

Both men have been remanded in custody until then.
let me guess there coping a plea of manslaughter ...... why am i not surprised ....scum the pair of em just scum.... my thoughts are with Lance Corporal Ragni family.

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