Two years tomorrow, why have we forgotten

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. yes they have forgotten, shame on them

  2. no, they remember

  3. no, they remember they just dont care

  1. Tomorrow will be July 7th 2007, it will be the two year since four men killed 52 people and injured over 700 more. In the last week I have seen one report on the attacks and it was a group of survivors saying they have been ‘forgotten’ and im starting to think we have… I would think that along with the recent attacks, (and I call them attacks because we only stopped them by luck) that the 7th of July would be made to be a massive show of defiance to the attackers and extremists. The fact is that people are still feeling the attack in long-term injuries and post traumatic stress syndrome etc, but with just under a day to go until we should be remember these attacks, we have forgotten

    Have we forgotten the 52 dead? Have we forgotten the 700+ injured?
  2. Have we forgotten that a Frontiersman did 'something' and saved the day from being a total disaster .... allegedly.

    Is it your point that we've forgotten, or is it that we don't need reminding?.
  3. i think that the attacks last week should have been enough reminding, we shouldnt have needed it, but we need to remember and need to show we care
  4. forgotten what ? :wink:
  5. Think the answer to that is yes. Like most disasters that have happened in recent times, the tsunami for example, people just forget. More interested in remembering things that happened years and years ago.

    I know 7/7 was terrorists attacks and the tsunami wasnt but people losing their lives 'out of no where' is the same thing to me.

    Everyone remembers 9/11 (the scale was a bit different) not many remember 7/7.
  6. Whilst sad etc I think the 16th, 18th and 19th would be more appropriate.

  7. There are memorial events taking place at the sites, led by (I believe ) Harriet Harman, followed by a hosted reception at a London venue.
    But yes, I agree, not well publicised.
  8. Oh goody...more "recreational grief". FFS to the tenth power!
  9. I will remember it.
  10. The country has not forgotten simply because we had a wee reminder last weekend in London and Glasgow to keep us in the stand too position for a long time to come.
  11. I'm still in tatters over Diana, I am.
  12. I will be at Tavistock square to pay my respects then live my life to the full in London as way of saying , no Terrorist will change how I live, that is the best way paying ultimate respect to their lives.
  13. Whats happened to Diana ? dont tell me sheeeees d.............

    The way things are going every day is getting to be an anniversary of some kind of disaster or death. :(
  14. Correctly noted Cuddles.

    The CIVITAS publication: Conspicuous Compassion explains the behavioural characteristics of these egocentric fruitcakes.

  15. Forget's all history.......think of our brothers who fall tomorrow!!!!!