Two Year Old Killed With Air Rifle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blackcat, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. Poor little bugger... RIP.

    What's the betting that T Bliar announces a ban on unlicenced ownership of air weapons as an election pledge.
  2. 18:00 Radio 4 news has just reported that the Scottish Police have in fact called for a ban on air weapons, stating that they "are only used for destruction and assault" (or words to that effect - my blood pressure was so high that i couldn't hear properly.....).
  3. That man should be taken out and beat to death.
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    My sympathies are with little Andrew Morton's family, may he rest in peace.

    The 'man' that shot him needs to go away for a very, very long time.
    I agree 100% with Corporal but good sense left the UK many years ago.

    I sincerely hope that the scumbags in the wings will seek some honour and desist from hijacking his tragic death for their own sordid political ends.
    Although I fear there is little chance of that......
  5. I doubt his lawyer will be pressing for bail.
  6. Poor poor mite , what the hell had he ever done.

    Agreed , leave this lowlife with the parents and a soundproof room for 10 minutes.

    Shooting at firemen? Give them the remains after the parents have finished.
  7. What sort of sick twisted individual would feel the need to shoot at firemen who are doing their duty trying to save lives and prevent damage to house and home. The problem is that this is a rising problem, with a large number of fire-engines and personnel (especially in strahclyde) being attacked with sticks and stones by groups of youths who deliberatly start fires in order to draw the firemen into the attack. The community are trying to get to the bottom of why the youths are carrying out these mindless attacks. What makes it far worse is that it appears it was an adult who did it this time :?

    The fur is really flying up here.

    The news is all about this and the bbc seem extremely keen to push the 'ban them all' line. The vast majority of people they have spoken to on the news has been in favour of a complete ban

    Granted, airweapons can be purchased by anyone over 17 and dont need a licence, but i dont see any reason to ban them. We should restrict them to over 21 and make a licence a requirement. That way, there is control over and a record of who owns one, but no pressure on those who use them legally.

    Commiseration to the family


    Edited to remove any politics etc from the post
  8. I agree totally .......
  9. Give him to the fireman first,........................ or me!

    SK :evil:
  10. The cretin responsible needs a good kicking, but he probably won't get it, meanwhile the tens of thousands of legitimate and harmless airgun owners will suffer for his actions.

    I feel a bandwagon starting to get up speed... :evil: There are knees jerking all over the place.

    What are the odds that the government won't compensate people for confiscated airguns?

    This is what happens when the police ignore complaints about the abuse of airguns, even though misuse of an aigun carries the same penalties as misuse of any other firearm. I know people who've complained to the police about people firing airguns at their house and got no response at all.
    But then, in my darker moments I wonder whether this isn't exactly what certain police and politicians have been waiting for, an excuse for more prohibition.
  11. My feelings go out to the family.

    However, no level of control will stop this kind of thing - all that would happen if a licencing requirement were to be instigated is that 4 million airguns would go underground, and the police would not be able to cope with the huge number of licence requests (heck, they can hardly cope with the current amounts - 6 weeks for a variation anyone???). There are still unregistered guns turning up at amnesties that were not registered with the 1920 act, and that was 85 years ago! Not to speak of the 1968 and 1988 acts (1/4 million pump & semi-auto shotguns "disappeared" at that last one, by best estimate).

    Even this govt has repeatedly discounted that possibility, however they'd rapidly change their minds if they thought that they could make election headway with it, despite it even being less workable than the foxhunting ban.

    Howsabout discouraging people from doing the same by locking up the scrote who did this for a long time?
  12. Wasn't the man arrested in connection with this 27? I can see no logical reason to stop those under 21 having them on the basis of this outrage.

    The mother of the poor murdered child has just been quoted on the news as wanting a total ban on air weapons.
    I don't see a ban on any weapon stopping this kind of thing, can't imagine anyone saying, 'oohh, musn't use this air rifle to shot firemen/kids etc as its now an illegal weapon'

    If this scrote goes to prison, i'm sure somebody inside will attempt to see that justice is done. and i thank them in advance.
  13. What is the problem with people who throw things/shoot at the blue lights? "Uggg big fire, come flashy light lorry, chuck brick at bloke in hat! Teeheee!"
    To use a currently fashionable Arrseism, "MLAAARRR!"

    Personally, I think any street where something like this happens should get no emergency service response for a month, say. Bad chav, no ambulance!
  14. What about the Pony Club Tetrathlon team I've foolishly volunteered to coach for Easter? Can't see any of them doing anything like that, no matter how hormonal teenage girls can get. The problem is lack of enforcement of laws we already have allowing scum like this to believe that will get away with it.

    There are plenty of good laws under which this man could be dealt with and probably should have been long ago, because I bet he's done something similar before but hasn't hurt anyone so plod has ignored it.