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Two words ... Fat Cunt.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. OH FFS.

    I wonder if she actually knows how to say the word no. As in "no thanks I am not eating that shite, give me some money and I will go and buy a bag of apples".

    Obviously not her fault of course.
  2. How is it even possible to gain 22 stone in a year? FFS so there was no tennis or basketball to be played in South Wales, as a 18 stone 16 year old she could have woddled into her local rugby team's front row.
  3. lets hope they were oven chips. ;-)

    toffee apples i would guess.
  4. Good effort that girl. When the zombie apocalypse happens we can all live happily together and just chuck 'em a fatty like her every now and again.
  5. you called?

    I know which I'd rather ride, give you a clue you need to wear gloves and a helmet
  6. You would need a pair of gloves to prevent rope burn on the way up and the helmet encase you fall off. You sick fuck
  7. yeah but I wouldn't need to put roffies in her drink, smarties would work
  8. Is she perhaps the reason the Japanese whaling fleet has started sailing in a new direction?
  9. Yep, one FAT CUNT!
  10. Fat bitch. Lets do our country, Libya and the world a favour and drop her on Colonel Gadaffi.
  11. made of laugh
  12. Does that mean the OP can say he spotted her first and claim the gold coin on the nail?

    Capt Ahab will be well chuffed.
  13. Can we afford to hire an Antanov?
  14. I wouldn't chance lifting her into the air. She might pull the moon out of its orbit.

    Obligatory fat cunt as its the naafi