Two weeks and ready for Ops!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Airfix, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. I got talking to a lovely piece of skirt tonight who's other half is TA and recently returned from his two weeks basic. Now, while I was happily lent in to her to hear her and get a better look at her chebs, she starts to tell me all about his w/es and his two weeks at 'some place near Darlington'.

    Boring or what, but hey, they were nice chebs, so I kept listening. Anyway, her other half has just got his paperwork back from that 'place near Darlington' and at the bottom was written 'ready for operations'.

    I tried to concentrate on the chebs, but, 'Oh, please!' came out of my mouth in a sarcastic/disgusted way, and not the begging kind!

    'Ready for Ops' after a few weekends and two weeks in Yorkshire! Who's kidding who here! Ok, ready for intensive pre op training and selection for deployment maybe, but is this what MoD is inflicting on an unsuspecting army, both regular and TA? :?

    As a post script to the above, once I stopped laughing I concentrated on the chebs again and fessed up to knowing a bit about 'that place in Darlington' and she fessed up to liking soldiers! I'll leave it there having concentrated on her chebs and down the back of her throat! 8)

    So just remember lads, while you're making up the short fall in numbers in Stan and Iraq or just proping up your unit bar on a drill night, regs and ex regs are shagging your birds and on their behalf, I THANK YOU!

    They were lovely chebs :roll:
  2. Send more information on her chebs !
  3. What Bar? Im starting the car now and making my way there for after eights !!
  4. I wondered where my girlfriend was last night...
  5. It is obviously commendable for regular soldiers to be providing support and counselling to unaccompanied TA wives. They understand their needs. :)
  6. I'm sure what we are seeing is just another case of One Army, regular women are just the same its amazing how more attractive TA soldiers become when civvie salary is found by the reg maneaters on Ops/Ex. Even works on Dykes
  7. Dykes?

    Hmm... you havent been in the paper lately have you?
  8. Oops slip of the tongue......
  9. No discussion on two weeks 'basic' and 'ready for operations' then?

    I knew I should have left-out about the chebs.... :D
  10. Not a chance, I have a reg background (albeit brief) and 6 months in the TA. They laugh when I asked where to sign for a sandy holiday!

    To be fair though, if they sent people out after a few weeks of training then it wouldnt be fair on the experienced lads out there.
  11. ah but theres two sides to every coin, when i was on a course in BFG a couple of years ago, the camp we were staying at was empty due to the menfolk being away on telic. well you should have seen the pads wifes eyes light up when we walked into the naafi XL bar on a thursday night for karaoke. and when they found out we were ta and only there for a couple of weeks they couldnt keep their hands off. needless to say most of us got laid. and i would like to thank the reg sgt whose bed i woke up in, i borrowed a pair of socks out the top drawer next to the bed as mine got lost somewhere around your house. and if you rummage deep enough in said drawer you'll find my capbadge left there as a momento.

    if it makes you feel better i was very drunk, we all were, well you had to be didnt you. as all the wifes were munters and only became attractive after several pints of stella
  12. Imagine to my horror after returning from 6 months on Telic that some jack barsteward had pinched a pair of my socks from my bedside drawer, not only that but they left some sort of payment for them in the form of a capbadge. I just hope the poor unsuspecting fool didn't bone my AIDS infected wife :wink:
  13. Guess that counts as your experience of being in a dark, wet, smelly bottomless hellhole just like a real soldier then!

    BTW, I know the bloke in question and they're still together as she said it couldn't have been a shag as it only felt like a little finger! :wink:
  14. on day one of summer challenge 2007 all wre asked who wanted to vollenteer for ops some are now away on herric or in iraq. so what training or experience did they have?
  15. Could they spell?

    Or oven us a smel chucker!