Two week work placement for a 14 year old with the army?

My 14 year old son is considering the Army as a career. He is at the stage where his school is looking for a two week work experience placement for him. I wonder if its possible for him to do his work experience at the local barracks (we aren't far from Weeton)? He's in the local ACF so presumably could do a placement in uniform.


I did my work experiance with an Artillery LAD, so I don't see why not? They loved watching me struggle to try and put on a 432 starter motor on, whilst kneeling in the drip-tray. Bastards :)

Why don't you call them up, and ask?
I've had lads come for work experience in the past, at three Workshops/LAD's, so it is possible. Your best bet would be to ring the guard room and ask for either the Adjutant or, if he would like to fix vehicles etc, the Officer Commanding or Artificer Sergeant Major, Workshop.
How old do you have to be to do the "Look At Life" courses the Army run? I did mine at 15; only a week but I'm sure there's a 2 week one! Top it was. Never wanted to do anything else since I did it either.
We had a 15yr old join us for a works placement. He was a Goth, very introverted, shy and hard work at first but he did tell us he'd lost his virginity the night before to a 14 yr old. He was with us for 2 weeks whilst on an airborne exercise, and was allowed to join in on everything as much as he was allowed to. Obviously the parachuting part, and subsequent heli moves he was barred from. At the end of the exercise, he was well versed in using spit as a lube, that all birds love a digit in the back eye and ever so slightly traumatised at what we would all do to his very trim, attractive 30ish mother.


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I did work experience in an air conditioning unit factory. It was shit so I went and smoked soap bar for a week instead.
We had loads of kids at Abingdon with all the Logistic Regiments when I was there. I wouldn't recomend it to any kids now unless they can speak Bau Fijian, Akan, Swahili, ad infinitum

My work experience was in Reuters in Fleet Street, just spent most of it being fed Lager by sozzled hacks in the Punch Tavern
Ok get your son to speak to their schools career teacher and ask them to contact the Army Careers Advisor (Schools) through the ACIO/AFCO. The careers teacher should get in touch with dates of the WEX and the careers advisor will try and load them on a 5 day Insight course which are set up for the work experience pupils.
My eldest did 2 weeks at Bramcote in the summer, but not in his ACF uniform. He spent most of it being beasted by a very nice PTI! He walks funny now!!

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