Two week recruit camp (Do I have to)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sausageandmash, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I have a question that I hope someone can answer?
    I have re-joint the TA after a gap of 15 years, I previously served for 9 years.
    I have been back in for nearly a year and in that time I have completed my MATTS test and done a reduced camp committement.
    I have been given a PID number but I am being told that I need to do a two week recruit camp. Bottom line is I do not want to. My time would be better used doing a course or annual camp.
    I know there is an argument that things have changed in fifteen years but I passed my MATTS and I attend regularly so I am up to speed with most things.
    Is there a way to not do the camp?
    I know the above might read a bit strange to some of you but please just go with it and please give me some advice.
  2. I know where you are coming from but it's not so much that they want you to do it, it's the system JPA/DII means you have to do it.
    Without the tick in the box for this course you can't move onto the next stage.

    I've done three recruits courses during my career! Once with the fusiliers, once with the Kiwi's and then finaly again with the REME. (I left and joined with about 6 months between each set of service and got caught in the admin nightmare!) I was a little reluctant to do the last one, but actually it was quite good fun and well worth the experience.

    Only thing you can do is just swallow your pride and go do it!
  3. There are lots of things you don't want to do but have to. I know you've been out 15 years but surely you remember that.

    Bottom line is mate you've just got to man up and do it. A lot does change in 15 years. Surely doing your recruit cadre will give you the opportuntiy to gel with other new members of your coy/platoon. Passing MATTS and attending regularly is nothing that a fresh recruit can't hold a claim to but they still have to the course. Trying to dodge it isn't going to do you any favours mate.

  4. Yes, don't rejoin.

    Do you think you're special and don't have to do it? Just because you think you're a 'sweat', you'll find you are not. You may find that you'll actually learn something. It's not as if they are asking you to do P-Coy, AACC followed by a quick bash at Selection, is it? It's a TA recruit jaunt ffs. Can't commit? Don't bother.
  5. Your unit should have put you throught recruit training a year ago, instead of letting you do MATTS training and a reduced camp. The ruling is if you have been out longer than three years (regular or TA) you have to redo recruit training.
    It's either two weeks or six weekends (unless you're Infantry then make it 9 weekends).
    Have fun!!
  6. Thank you all for your advice.
    The best one was that it can be done over weekends rather than a two week period, something I can look into.
    The worst bit of advise was from an aptly named "internet bully."
    I don't think I am anymore special than anyone else. My commitement to the TA is the same as most of us. However I need to balance it with my work and family.
    If I wanted crap from a pseudo hardman I can get that on any Saturday night in my local town.
    What I am looking for is proper sound advice from people who know what they are talking about.
    Please keep the good advice coming.
  7. Yep I'll give you some advice. YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Crack on there's a good boy.
  8. Aww diddums, did an internet bully p!ss on your chips?

    Just because you asked a bone question, and wanted some support from some unknown forum.

    How dare this happen. I suggest sending emails, snail-mails, and phone calls to your MP to get him to sort out this bullying lark.

    It's not as if its the Army or anything, is it.
  9. So are you saying that because it is the army bullying is okay.
    Just thought I would check that with you.
  10. The Army should not accept bullying end of. To be honest with you thats all this Flashy character does on here. No sensible comments or help just a lot of hot air and bullying. He probably isn't even in the Army just some Walt of a ATC bloke who loves himself
  11. As someone who actually does recruiting, I have to say you are wrong on a few of your comments above. If someone has previous service , no matter how many years, you still need to apply to Glasgow with a special enlistment form (203). This will normally involve an interview with the PSAO of your unit where he will discuss your previous service ( it'll be a 'red book' interview for ex regs). He will give his recommendation to Glasgow and they make the final decision.

    Re this "over 3 years out business", if you can quote me where it actually states this I will be happy. We have searched through all the Regs and RGIs and nowhere does it state this. Normally, the PSAO ( probably an ex reg himself) will have the gumption to decide if someone needs to repeat training. In our unit, repeat training will normally involve trade training as if you are coming in from a different corps or you've been out for a while, the kit will most likely have changed. Plus it doesn't hurt to get on the trade camp to check it out and get trained properly as opposed to getting haphazard "on the job" training which will most likely be few and far between.

    Now our original poster has been out a whopping 15 years. This does seem a little long and some of the basic training has changed ( NBC/CBRN, first aid /BCD etc etc). I sympathise that he has passed his MATTs but this will mean he will find his course easier.

    Finally, it is not 2 weeks or 6 weekends ( 9 inf). It is 6 (9) Weekends of TSC (A) and THEN 2 weeks TSC(B).

    So if our original poster has only to do the 2 weeks TSC(B) then he has skipped a large part of the recruit training. Happy days IMO


    It also occured to me, did the original poster mean a trade training camp?
    Anyone got any questions on the Recruiting procedure, check out Joining the TA or I will answer any PMs


    forniup, you are incorrect re your last statement
  12. I'm sorry I didn't tell you what you wanted to hear and fluff it up with niceties. Just appeared you wanted to hear an answer that said 'aww, bless. You're obviously a sweat so you can choose what fucking training you want to do' :roll:

    Yep, probably...

    Did I bully him? I don't remember saying 'give me your fucking dinner money or else I'll use a harsh font against you'?

    Piss up a rope cunt-bubble.
  13. Play the victim a bit more, there might be a claim in it.
  14. Surprising he's getting upset at a few words on a monitor. Hate to think how he'd react to someone...god forbid...actually shouting at him in real life. :roll:
  15. Last time I checked this was the internet. And you're a civvy.