Two way Family Favourites.

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by bumhole, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. I mentioned this on another thread, but it deserves one of its own.

    A a kid sunday lunch was always eaten to the sound of Two way Family Favourites, with Cliff Michelmore and Jean Metcalf, coming from some distant part of the world.

    Frequently the link would fail, and we would laugh as they had to switch to the pre recorded version. The old man was serving, so we would listen to see if he knew anyone.

    Did anyone listen to it on overseas postings?

    I only have to hear it to smell roast beef and yorkshires.
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  2. About two weeks ago, I watch the film titled, "With a Song in My Heart"

    I'm not normally a fan of Hollywood biopics-they tend to be mostly fiction, this one was based on the life of Jane Froman (no, I hadn't heard of her either!) but I decided to sit through this for a couple of reasons.

    1. 'With a Song in My Heart ' was of course the theme tune of Two Way Family Favourites
    2. Susan Hayward who played Froman was a stunner as well as a good actress.

    Froman was a well known pre-war singer who volunteered for USO, the American version of ENSA, but was seriously injured in an air crash in Lisbon in 1943 on her was to entertain the troops.
    The film is about her struggle and eventual recovery in time to return to Europe to sing to the troops.

    Jane Froman recorded the songs in the film and Susan Hayward lip-sync'd to them.
    Hayward was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in the film.
    Though she missed out, she went on to get an Oscar for her performance in 'I Want To Live'

    Although the film was a bit schmaltzy in parts, I thought it was worth watching, the finale where Jane/Susan belts out a number of American staple songs was a tour-de-force and it's clear why Susan Hayward got her Oscar nomination.
    Reminded me a bit of the Al Jolson Sings movies with Larry Parkes.

    If this video doesn't bring back memories of 'This is Jean Metcalfe in London and Bill Crozier in Cologne...', nothing will !

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  3. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    When it was called The Light Programme.
  4. As a kid I imagined all those brave lads sitting around a radio in some hot distant land, all top class examples of British clean living.

    I now realise that they would have been shagging a local goat or tugging one off at a back issue of Parade, or lying drunk in some shithole, complaining about the crap on the radio.

    Sort of bursts a bubble.
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  5. Slightly off topic, but as a kid I remember having to eat my tea in silence while my Dad listened to the football results on Sports Report and filled them in on the back of the Telegraph.

    I've no idea why he did it as he didn't do the football pools or take much interest otherwise, but I have only to hear that jaunty theme tune to make me think of fish paste sandwiches. :-(
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  6. Same with mine and my Granddad who we all lived with. Total silence for the results on the radio, which were printed in the next mornings papers anyway
  7. Listened to the Pearl Fishers on youtube the other day. It was always played on Two Way Family Favourites. Brought back lovely memories of my childhood.
  8. Takes me straight back to childhood, being in my Aunt's kitchen whilst she prepared Sunday lunch and we listened to the radio. Another Uncle was serving in Germany but never got a mention. Anyone remember Sparky's Magic Piano and the Max Bygrave Toothbrush song? I loved listening to all the foreign postings mentioned. I was also entranced by the names on the wireless, Helsinki, Cologne etc, they seemed so exotic.
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  9. "Puuut yoouuur hands on my keeeeys"

    I remember it but not from radio, I had it on a kiddy record, along with Tubby the Tuba by Danny Kaye. Happy times :)
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  10. Sunday lunch should be eaten in awkward silence, if your kids aren't terrified of you then you've failed!
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  11. My Grandmother never sat at the table, she served my Grandfather, then the adults, then children, but I don't recollect her ever joining us. We had to sit in complete silence throughout. And woe betide us if we spoke whilst my Father was listening to the news.
  12. FMoP, I know what you mean about evocative place names. Never heard two way Family Favourites but I was fascinated by the shipping forecast (another mystery as to why my Dad insisted on hearing it). There was something strangely soothing about hearing those weird and wonderful names, but my when North and South Utsire came into being, Dad was less than impressed!
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  13. Don't forget Hilversum. Never did find out where that is.
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  14. Ah the names of the stations got to me too. Will see all the places some day. I must be the first person to ever be excited by the sight of Athlone! Someone else was enraptured by them as well;

    In The Days Before Rock 'N' Roll - Van Morrison & Paul Durcan - YouTube

    As for family favourites always reminds me of my mothers awful cooking. Cabbage boiled for what seemed the whole day with bicarb in to make it luminous green. UGH!
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  15. Sometimes they did 3 way Family favourites and what about "Children's Favoutites" on a Saturday morning.