Two views of the PM of the Russian Republic of Chechnya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. One thing is clear the Coalition need own "Ramzan Kadyrov" in Iraq - popular active strogman.

    Btw on his bithday mr.Kadyrov was asked to show his skills as a fighter. He hit a target by RPG from 100m. I suppose that not many insugents can do it.
  2. I take it Shamil Basayev is not part of his fan club then ??
  3. The Russian have been working restore order in Chechnya since the early 1990's and their is only about 1.5 million people in Chechnya . Bagdad alone has about 6 million people, give Iraq a little time , before you clamor for the strongman approach.
  4. Give Iraq a little time? Situation in Iraq goes from bad to worse and nobody expects a turning point soon. By contrast in Chechnya situation goes better and better.

    Returning to mr.Kadyrov I note that he (as many other Chechens) is a natural fighter as he was born with Kalashnikov in hands. And frankly speaking 1 Chechen fighter costs 3-5 (maybe even more) insurgents.

    My main point: only military power is not enough to resolve problems as Chechen or Iraqi. Internal strong allies are essential.
  5. I would agree with your statement, though I may disagree has how exactily strong is defined.

    Look the Russians have been trying to get it right in Chechnya for 15 years thats only 1,5 million people The US has 3 years in a country of 24 million people . These things take time
  6. I understand your point but I meant something else - using current methods it is impossible for the Americans to resolve problems in Iraq withing 3 or 30 years.

    As for 24 mlns. then 6 mlns. Kurds are rather allies than enemies. And shia majority is also rather natural allies (though many are insurgents due to the wrong policy toward them). Also USA is backed by the UK (and many other countries) in Iraq.
  7. Bollocks