Two topless strippers

used to use that a lot at art college.....made you see pretty lights and fairies hiding behind the paint pots if you used it for too long! Mind you it did work well as a strippping agent....i accidentally spilt half a bottle of it over me once and couldnt strip my clothes off fast enough, much to the amusement of my fellow students at the time!
JoseyWales said:

Pop round, I've got a bucket full of it..
snigger! i dont think it looked very alluring at the was a high speed effort to get them off before it soaked through and i nearly fell arse over tit!....of course, if you want a private demonstation without the nitromors i could repeat in slow motion!
JoseyWales said:
Looks like the Warrior has been googling the, ' Tour de France' - steroid version.

Now try and sew a button on that...
He is not fit enough, yet, for the tour de France.........

But with my strict training regime. Who knows!!

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