Two to pay for, for next 35 yrs. Why not just hang them?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Check out this cnut.... trying to look nails in his paper jump suit.


    This tawt, plus some junkie(RHS), killed two French students in an "orgy of killing" that has been billed as the most sadestic murder in UK.

    So the good news. We arrested and tried them, found them guilty and get to pay for their continued existance for the next 35 years (minimum).

    Could we just set them alight and use them as an alternative to fossil fuel?

    Is it about time we had, at least, the option of killing some of these scum. Rather than forking out an absolute fortune in keeping htem incarcarated?

    Especially in these times of financial hardship?
  2. The one on the left just needs hanging doesn't he? Just after he's watched his mate swing.
  3. No we must not hang them. It would be against there human rights and what if there has been a miscarriage of justice. Choccy and biscuits, I am surprised at you.
  4. Seconded.

    I would not like to see the Death Penalty introduced for every Murder - the odds of an innocent man or woman being Executed would be too high. But in exceptional cases like this, where guilt has been proven beyond ANY doubt, Capital Punishment should be an option.

    On both moral and financial grounds, keeping these worthless creatures alive and in relative comfort for the next several decades makes no sense at all.

    Kill them. :evil:
  5. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    The one on the left should have been in prison because of breach of conditions of his previous sentances when he committed the horrendous murders, but wasnt because the system failed. He should have been away but he was allowed to be on our streets, threatening people with knives (for which although he was on parole for violent crime he recieved a caution) and committing petty crime on a daily basis he was still allowed to be out in our community until two totally innocent guys were killed in a horrible and prolonged way.

    The scrote is facing 40 years minimum. He will be 63 when he gets out.

    This is the expenses scandal equivalent in the Ministry of Justice. Someone who should have been locked up was not, and killed people. Not only can we not trust the government with our taxes, financial system, child protectikon, we cant even get violent criminals out of our society.
  6. If we are going to have the death penalty then we have to accept that there may be occasional mistakes. There is a price to pay for it. You make your decision and live with it. I would like to see the return of capital punishment because my mind is clear. The rare occasion when the innocent is executed is worth it for adequately dealing with the completely guilty, I'd be sorry but it happens. A bit like civillian casualties in war. You don't mean for it to happen ,but it does.
  7. The fool on the left should be stood upright in front of a wall and shot in the head.

  8. A very comforting viewpoint. Let's hope it's not you dancing a jig at the end of a rope because of someone elses mistake! :)
  9. I refer my Noble Lord to the answer I gave some moments before... :roll:

    The Death Penalty should be reserved for Murders where the guilt of the accused has been proven beyond ANY doubt. And these two cnuts pass that test with flying colours. :x
  10. Any sentence, death penalty or otherwise must be proved beyond all reasonable doubt. But we all know innocent people still get sent to jail.

    I would happily foot the bill to keep people locked up, as long as life means life, not a poxy 15yrs as the reality is at the moment.
  11. It was said that the ultimate test of capital punishment wasn't being willing to pull the lever, but be willing to be executed yourself... for a crime you didn't commit.

    I would never bring a system in where it was acceptable for the "odd" innoncent to die, as long as we bagged a few wrong 'uns.

    On the flip side, these two need a visit from a man in black with a silenced .22.

    Does anyone else think the one on the LHS looks like a Pet Shop Boy with an attitude?
  12. Exactly why I stated "Beyond ANY doubt". In this case, there would be no possibility of innocent men being executed. It is difficult to think of a more clear-cut example.
  13. The only people who actually suffer when capital punishment is administered, are the family of the executed.

    The criminal simply goes to sleep for good, which ever way or however painful the method used, so all in all, pretty pointless, its the family who have to grieve afterwards, regardless of the crime that warranted the sentence.

    And to be fair to them, they didnt do the crime, so why make them pay?

    Im all for the old ways of bread and water/no tele/no perks/no pay for doing some menial task in prison, and certainly the total loss of all "human rights" when inside.
    The option of being banged up, isnt as bad as it should be, its almost like a holiday break for most of the scum, so change it, to make it more of a bind.

    Failing that, let the family of the victim decide the punishment, it works in iran.....
  14. I would also be willing to accept Supermax-type conditions, although we'd inevitably have some a$$hole wailing that conditions were 'inhumane.' :x

    Supermax prisons wiki

    Forgive me if my heart isn't breaking over Terry Nichols being kept in solitary 24 hours a day. Nor would it for these pustules.
  15. True. But we can only do our best. Sometimes that's not good enough. Shxt happens.