Two-thirds of teenagers too fat to be soldiers

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. The British army is planning to extend its training for young recruits because so many potential soldiers are obese, an official report discloses today. The military has had to relax its criteria over the physique and weight of recruits as a result of the problem.

    "Increasing levels of obesity and resultant health problems reduces the number of young people able to join the services", warns the National Audit Office, parliament's independent watchdog. It points to research by the army last year which showed that only a third of all 16 year-olds would pass the body mass index set for all recruits to the forces.

    Earlier this year, the army changed the index targets for male recruits from 28 to 32 because of the increased levels of obesity among Britain's

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  2. Not to suprising that really. Look at alot of the kids in the US, they are masivly over weight and basically britain is just turing into another US state.
  3. Its actually mainly due to the problem that a lot of young people are bigger in a muscular sense, i read a paper on this last year back when i used to be a lazy student and they have been pushing for this for a while.

    Example: Johnny Wilkinson would be uneligible for military service because his BMI is through the roof however he is at the peak of his physical fitness running and tackling throwing and rolling around in the mud for 80 minutes straight and training 5-6 days a week. I agree young kids are getting fatter but dont think that they wouldnt be weeded out in selection or bullied mercilessly with good reason! :D
  4. my kids are not too fat just not interested in the army, cannot blame them neither am i any more.
  5. Yeah I had wondered why you were never on ARRSE
  6. sarcasm 8O 8O 8O 8O i have enjoyed my 20 years do not get me wrong BUT the light at the end of the tunnel is getting increasingly bigger day by day.

    the army is not a career i would push my kids into BUT would not stop them if that is what they wished to do with their lives.
  7. Just a couple of thoughts.
    If all kids could qualify would you want them?
    If two thirds of kids wanted to join could they get jobs?
    If one third of kids wanted to join could they get a job?
    Slow day at work for a journo?
  8. should they also check the percentage of the army that are too fat to be soldiers :? :? :? :?
  9. Bout right - two thirds of soldiers are too fat to soldier so whats FKN new.

  10. When I say "Soldiers too fat to soldier" I mean Army members too FAT to soldier. Can't call FAT knackers Soldiers, they're just getting paid under false pretinces. W@NKERS.

  11. I suppose the army will just have to make them work harder to work off allthat excess baggage :twisted:
  12. Should maybe read: Two-thirds of soldiers too fat to be teenagers!