Two Things

Firstly, I heard a rumour that the Basic Training now included Unarmed combat? If this is rubbish, fair enough, I didn't say it, it was said by my "I think I know it all but I don't" college tutors.

Secondly, how often is PT done nowadays during Basic? I want to keep fit in "style" :p Just not too much strain I hope.. can someone tell me how far on average the runs are? :p
I'm not to sure I wouldn't think so because I think when I was at selection they said your not aloud to do any contact sports or martial arts and stuff like that in case you get injured. Not 100% though.
I dunno about the Army but I think that Royal Marines do it in their training, and possible the Paras, but I wouldn't take my word for it.
I would like to do it to be honest. When i hopefully get to phase 1.
nar i wudnt expect you would need to do it during phase 1 like someone before me said you take the risk of getting injurd then booted of camp....i would of thought there might of been alittle in phase 2 depending on the trade your taking up
jack-daniels said:
Matthius07 said:
Definately the Marines, I saw a display.
That display you saw, were they all naked with roll mats on their arms!?
Nah not this time. This time it was whacking eachother in the stomach and bollocks and such, and with baseball bats too. Unfortunately fully clothed ;)
Yeah good old news of the world for providing the footage. Must have done wonders for their recruiting!!! lol!!!
Yeah, but the thing is, the news seem to think it's a disgrace and stuff. I mean.. if something is ordered, it's ordered. If it's their idea of having a laugh, let it be I say, just don't invite me to participate :p I'm guessing peace time can be a little boring when you're full to the brim with testosterone and rearing to do some naked wrestling :O
Yeah I went on a meet the Marines day last year in Milton Keynes, and I must say I was rather impressed with the unarmed combat display I saw. I'd love to see some SAS blocks doing some unarmed combat.
RE man.. I WENT TO THAT TOO. Jesus christ! Paintball, high speed boat ride.. fan belt.. rock climbing.. abseiling, long wait and watching video.. who was your leader dude?
******* hell mate, we might as well be related! I can't remember who my leader was be I was the first group to do the high speed raiding boat stuff on the Saturday morning. It was bloody brilliant.
What's the second thing?
Did you go in May or Novmber or both? I went on both and when I went in May (last year) this lake have frozen over and because we were the first ones out I have this huge bits of ice flying up and hitting me in the face. And I got shot in the head repeatdly when paintballing.
Don't remember strangely but the lake wasn't froze:p. I was spanked in the head, the hands, and we shot some 50 year old teacher in the cranium from like 2 metres (she was on our team)

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