Two soldiers killed in French Guyana in mining clash

Two soldiers were killed and two paramilitary gendarmes wounded Wednesday in an ambush blamed on illegal gold miners in French Guiana, officials in the overseas region said.

The men were killed during an operation against illegal gold miners in the western Dorlin region of French Guiana, which is located along the northeast coast of South America.

A team of around a dozen gendarmes and at least 18 soldiers were dropped into the area after a helicopter providing security for a legal mining operation in the remote region came under fire early Wednesday.

"They fell into an ambush," said the local prefecture.

More at: Two soldiers killed in French Guiana in mining clash < French news | Expatica France

The two killed soldiers (a Cpl and a WO) belonged to the 9°RIMa, the resident Troupes de Marine unit. It is not the first time French forces come under fire from garimpeiros but it's the first time they register casualties. Last year a soldier had drowned when a garimpeiros boat had rammed his boat. Some serious action should follow.


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