Two seminal Parachute Officers die this week

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by muhandis89, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Gen Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley and Brig James Hill.RIP
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    RIP. Two outstanding officers. F-H's obit in the Telegraph was very good. Having had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions, I can't wait to read Brig James Hill's. His medals are now held in the 1 Para Officer's mess and a fair display they are too!
  3. My first encounter with Farrah The Para was a failure to salute his staff car plates,near Maida.His driver got out of the car,and gave me a B********g.Next time was working for him,when he became CLF in Ulster.His son was also well known to me,as I introduced him to his wife! Met Brig Hill only once,but was VERY impressed.
  4. Two truly great Para Regt officers. May they rest in peace with all those Airborne brothers who have moved on to the great Battalion in the sky.
  5. Try to remember that AF-H was a Gloster first, and was Adjt at the Battle of Imjim River, an "Arnhem moment" if ever there was another.
  6. Farrar the Para was a truly great soldier, who not only commanded and fought well but spoke and wrote about our trade with unparalleled insight.

    Brigadier Hill was a stone-killer, nuff said. The sort of boss who lapped people on CFTs and then insisted on carrying the rearmost guys kit!

    We will remember them, in fact I'm going to take Edge of the Sword to bed with me tonight. It was that book which really got me interested in being a sojer...
  7. A sad farewell to a pair of absolute legends. Didn't know about Brg Hill passing away, met him on the 50th Anniversary of the D Day landings in 1994. What a man. Didn't see anything about him in the Sun, however if Elton John (or some other nobody) popped his clogs there would be a National day of mourning.

    RIP to this awesome pair of Airborne heroes.