Two Royals pick up medals for Afghanistan, minus 5 limbs.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Story hereFull story here,

    Mark Ormrod, one of the pair, said "If it had taken me half an hour to walk across to my troop I would have done it."

    I have a canny suspicion his troop would have waited for him.

    Hope they were able to get some beers down their neck :D

    Well in boys, hope you are kept in the Royal, and wish you all the best in the future.
  2. It's a shame most of the reporters questions were about Harry as opposed to the two royals. Great story though and well done to them both!
  3. Good lads, I wish them long careers with the Royals.
  4. Seconded.... thirded etc etc...... Top lads, quite humbling in fact.
  5. Speechless. Well done lads.
  6. Truly inspiring effort by both Marines, well done very well done.

    I cannot help but be infuriated by the banality of the dumb Sky News bint. Here you have a story of true courage and grit, in which two seriously injured soldiers have fought back from their injuries to the extent that they were able to parade with their mates and all she can ask about is whether or not they met Prince Harry!!!

    Had she listened, rather then pursue a typically tabloid-esque obession with Prince Harry then she might have learned what real courage is about...

    Well done again to those two Marines.

  7. Well done lads, you have very clearly worked hard in rehab.
  8. Truly inspiring, a perfect example of what young men can overcome (though I doubt their fight is over).
  9. humbling - really brings a lump to your throat
  10. total fantastic well done fellas.
  11. Well done lads ,We are so proud of you .
  12. God bless them.

    Superb effort.
  13. I second all your comments (especially about typical tabloid press priorities). :x :arrow:

    I'd also like to add my congratulations to and awe about these two brave young men.
  14. Deeply annoying to have the 'Sun's real priorities (their bottom line, on the back of stories about the princes' personal lives) thrust into your face like that, but I suppose they have to earn a living. 'Don't buy the thing' is the answer, of course.

    Good story otherwise. The RM QM could have forked out a pair of boots for Ormrod, though.
  15. I am amazed by the Bravery of these two Royals( the Marines I mean!!).Well done and to the many others,of our Service men and women,who have been seriously wounded in recent conflicts.We all owe them a great deal.God Bless Them.