Two Royal Marines dismissed over assault of Afghan prisoner

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Temple, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Travesty of justice. No doubt the terrorist scum will claim compensation, move her, get a council house and so on.

    Good men sacrificed for a PR exercise.
  2. I for one would buy them both a beer. With or without disgrace.
  3. So it is SOP to beat prisoners then?

  4. How do you know it's a travesty of justice? Last time I looked ill treatment of prisoners was against military law, not to mention the Geneva Convention. Also I don't think you get council houses in Afghanistan.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Couldn't give a **** personally
    2 Good men diismissed for nothing hope the tw4t that reported them is chuffed at a job well done
    I know people wil come on and start dripping about it's what makes us better than them it dosen't it makes us weaker IMHO

    Perhaps it's timely that The Pacific is being shown and shows how to treat an enemy who dosen't beliEve in the rules of war
  6. Present at the incident were you?

    Sit though the trial?

    Or are you just a ranting buffoon?

  7. It's not everybody that has full and unfettered access to all the evidence, and the judge's direction. You must feel extremely privileged.
  8. How come you don't know SOPs?

    Oh and get a fecking job!
  9. just being Devils Advocate, but were you at any of these either?
  10. Moral of the story dont beat prisoners end of.
  11. A good result - will hopefully stop further assaults on prisoners. We are, after all, meant to be a civilised army!!
  12. A good result!!!!! You plonker 2 blokes career is over for slapping a possible IED layer around and you say it's a " good result" have you been on a herrick outside of bastion?
  13. No its not SOP to beat a prisoner.. but in the heat of the moment it is understandable that rough treatment will be meted out to a bomber caught in the act. How many soldiers had this piece of vermin murdered?

    Not saying they shouldn't have been disciplined... but to discharge them is to pander to the guardian reading buffoons like you.

    3 extras would have been adequate in this case.
  14. :wink: