Two Rocks far far away.....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by do_1, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. has anyone had the experience of living in the Bronx, knows the difference between red, blue, white and green. Still smile every time a memory from that 4 and a half month pissup and period of madness ended ?.............
  2. The Bronx? Anson and Benbow?

    Ohhhhhh they where the days.
  3. You must have had a thoroughly depressing life if thats a good memory!! I still shudder to think of that mouldy old porta cookhouse with the smell of piss and mouldy feet lingering about it. And I'll never sleep soundly in a room with a 2 way fire exit door in it ever again, not since that fcuking huge ginger bird appeared at the end of my bed. :x
  4. Know exactly what you mean Biscuits. Very nearly married a ginger too, and had a room with a 2 way fire door too.

    Edited to add: I never said they were good memories!!!!
  5. When I first moved into Benbow there were birds living on the lower floors. Plenty of shagging going on in those days, f*cking shame it wasn't me.
  6. when i arrived at blandford from harrogate, we were to posh to live in castle greyskull. Did pay a few visits though!
    Was one of the lucky lot to be put into the then new accomodation, i believe i was the first person to drunkenly piss into the locker!!!
    Wonder if it still stinks of piss?

    So whats this colour thingy all about in the bronx?
  7. Never heard of the colour thingy in the bronx.

    Lived in them fcukers for 10 months. Never a better man test!!!!!
  8. A few more clues, the BFPO number is six hundred threescore and six. A chuff chart is a life line and the women posted there do not need beer goggle enhancement due to lack of numbers on their part.
  9. Oh, believe it or not it is not Blandford.

  11. BFPO 666 used to be MPA in the Falklands. Please lets put this, a strong contender for dullest ever thread, to bed.
  12. Thanks for your input.... :roll:

    I take it there are no RTGs Datas or Rops hanging around who have had the pleasure of JCUFI / Radcon on the hill or any of the Mountain Dets.
  13. yeah i was down there '88.
  14. Man, it sounded just like the Falklands. Two rocks, living in the bronx, 4.5 months of constant drinking.

    Anyone remember 12 facility (reasonable) and 38 facility (bronx)? No trees? Bennies? Lot 22? If you've been there you'll know.