Two regimental numbers?

I've been told a story about my grandfather who was serving in WWI on the western front.

The story goes that when ordered over the top the officer refused to 'blow the whistle' due to suppressive fire and was subsequently court martialled.

The members of the unit where then given new Regimental numbers, the unit disbanded and the men scattered around other units.

I don't have any other details at the moment, I'll have a dig around if I get no bites here I think.

Anyone ever heard of such a incident?
I've looked but am really struggling any chance you can get me some more details such as unit or location on the front,


During WW1 soldier numbers were issued for the unit they were serving. If they changed units they received a new number. A new numbering system was introduced in 1916.
Looks like your story is two mixed together.

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