TWO Reasons not to vote for Brown

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. TWO reasons not to vote for Brown. (My sums work on the same principle as the Scots Nats. Re: North Sea Oil viz Barnett Formulae.)

    1. He's a Scot.
    2. He's from Scotland.
    3. He's Scottish.
    4. He's a Scotsman.
    5. He's a Jock.
    6. He's a tartan drawed, sporran swinging sheep shagger from Achterkiltymuchter.

    Errrmmmm. Was there an election? Or did I miss it, whilst in the bush?
  2. None of those are really valid reasons; just for being a porridge-wog is no real reason.

    How about
    1. a liar
    2. a liar
    3. a liar
    4. loves the EU and wont have a referrendum
    5. Raising taxes, he lied again
    6. Improved education..oops another lie
    7. Improving the NHS..... oops, yet another lie
    8. Supports the Armed Forces.... mega lie
    9. Lives in a fantasy world.
    10. Is Labour therefore a liar.
    11. Sorted immigration.... f***ing big lie
  3. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    i wonder who needs more than one good reason ...
  4. Did someone violate you with a spurtle when you were a boy?

    He's an arrse because he's an arrse, not because he's Scots. Plenty of them south of the border, too. I can think of a place where nearly 600 of them concentrate.
  5. No. But I was into 'guddlin', whilst being raised along the borders. Fished senseless ...but it taught me a thing or two.

    True, musn't raise clan hackles....your right he's a twat...Scot or no!!!
  6. The man is a complete and utter KNOB.
  7. Bottler Brown or Cameron (the slimey git) Chameleon?

    You have to choose the lesser of two evils really, and i wouldn't choose the conservative.
  8. I take it you had some hairy assed Jock do you over at some stage eh ? mmm I wonder why !!!!
  9. He can fcuk off back to Jockland now they've got their own parliament, if we've got to have lying scumbag politicos at least make them English
  10. He may be a tawt and a Scot but it's a load of self seeking tawts of English, Scots, Welsh and Irish nationality who chose him to be leader of the liabour party and therefore , like it or not, the legal PM of the UK.
  11. Yea're a lairbour voter, yuk.
  12. Errrm no. The voters did not choose him to be PM. You don't vote for the PM, you vote for the party. That would be a presidential government, which we don't have.

    He is the legal PM though.
  13. Yes. You see, they're better than the conservatives. Take for example the NHS. It was ruined under the conservative government, and has improved under Labour. Reasons like this make them better than the cons.

    However, I'd prefer a green party government over Labour.
  14. Are you on the same planet as me as I seem to have missed this improvement..OK I get it you're doing a WAH.
  15. Don't worry. The next election isn't for a couple of years.

    When your house is 'reallocated' by the state to some more deserving asylum seeker, Christmas is made a criminal offence and you're left burning piles of worthless banknotes to keep warm during the power cuts, you'll vote for Satan himself to get this lot out.

    (PS The Chameleon Dave stunt backfired rather badly. The official Labour line now is: Don't vote for him because he's of the wrong social class. This is easy to remember as it's exactly the same reason right wing Tories don't want to vote for Gordon.)