Two problems with exchanges

1. Not enough of them- Would love to work with more Commonwealth and US Forces, you learn shedloads from them and hopefully they learn a bit from us as well. Sadly meeting an Aussie, Kiwi, Canadian or Yank whilst working is not all that common. Yeah I know Afganistan, Iraq and the Balkans widen the scope a bit but proper exchanges are few and far between.

2 Reservists, exchanges are almost non existant, been trying to get one forever and no luck yet. Would love it, couple or three weeks with the Guard or in with Commonwealth Reservists.

Question: If a British Reservist goes travelling, can he train with a Commonwealth or Yank reserve force whilst he is away.

There is a TA-US NG/AR exchange program which runs every year. Approximatley 100 from the Uk and 100 from the US take part. Usually SNCOs and Officers. The units are selected by role on a three year rotation - ie your unit would be invited to bid every 3rd year.

Selection to take part is based on when your units camp is (must be within May-October window) and whether their is a host unit and host snco/officer in the States to recieve you. Having said that, there have been instances of non-reciprocal exchanges.

Don't know about training with commonwealth forces, but training with the US forces is tricky - to enter the US as a serving member of NATO forces you have to have:

a) NATO travel orders

b) MOD F 90

c) Political/Military clearance arranged by BDS(W) at the Embassey, and a sponsor in the US DoD/Military who is aware of your visit/has arranged it

d) An invitational travel order - or you wouldn't be getting onto any bases

Even Gen jackson has to go through this when he goes over there. So the answer to that bit of your question is - probably not (unless you were posted to an exchange position).
Check your regimental affiliations - there are usually a few in Oz/NZ where you can go. I know of a few that have done it, and some from Oz who worked over here and stayed "in service" - it helps with your long service gong as you won't get broken service.
Senior training instructor(30 years ago)was USMC G/SGT,2or 3 Viet Nam tours,2 tours as Drill instructor boot camp.Although only about 5ft 7,built like brick s,hithouse,hard as 'uckin' nails.Great guy,unintentionally funny when giving bootcamp type abuse(see Full Metal Jacket)-not a good idea to laugh,but difficult at times,even when you were the victim--us little Brits had never heard such terminology.This guy was beasted by a hard nut,who went on to be one of THEM,(from,I believe,vindictiveness)-but still came out tops of demanding course(fair do's to hard nut)--will never forget this much admirable man---exchange postings,a good thing,and don't knock all the Yanks/foreign troops.--ps,sorry if off thread.
There are a number of Canada/ UK ' exchanges' each year between ' sister regiments' , especially Reserves/TA...usually mid summer exercises or dead of winter ' patrols '...both wife and son have rubbed elbows with cousins over the sea..

Reg force unit or team training in ' foreign ' climes depends on needs expressed by command..lots of UK armoured units and air force squads train in Canada annually.. - certainly wouldn't call it a ' vacation ' for them..

as for humping ruck with some unit while out for a personal tour of the casinos and scenic'd have to get an invite through a mate in that unit approved by the C.O. [ liability issues - etc .] but you certainly could enjoy the benefits of the Mess as long as you have a current service I.D....
I have come across a fair bit of people who have been asked to head over to England from Canada for an exchange program for 2 years time.
Try that route if your intereted, it is out there.

Cheers 2CB

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