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This is probably old news but I have just discovered that both Prince William and Prince Harry are to be trained as pilots.

How can this happen, one has a degree in the History of Art, as he could not cope with his original degree, which was geography

The other did not even attend uni, but somehow these two jokers are considered to be aircrew material.

This is the type of thing, which pisses people off and gives ammunition to the anti- royal groups.

I mean just because they are members of the royal family (albeit half brothers) does not make them any more suitable for this job than any other dysfunctional family.

Harry got a B in art and a D in geography (A level)
William got an A grade in geography, a B in history of art and a C in biology and a 2.1 degree in History of Art.

Hope these two don’t get to fly me around anywhere soon.
Being clever isn't as important as it should be, when you're the heir to the throne.
Its called perks of the job.

If you were royality - you wouldnt be complaining.

Fair play to them.

Harry derserves it more so anyway, hes grown a set and been out on the ground.
And what of the NCO pilots who don't have degrees and qualifications up the ying yang? oh, thats right, its about aptitude not what your degree is in............. :roll:

To the hole


The rule is that we don't normally comment on the military careers of Princes William and Harry, for the obvious reason that the media like to come here looking for stories, and they'll have great fun with a bunch of chippy squaddies (and squaddie wannabes) whining and bitching about them.

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