Two pin plug problem

Eldest son just back from a contract in Korea. The large table fan he has has a two pin plug,he is attempting to fit on a standard three pin plug.

The wires , on stripping are white and black.

Advice needed. it is a sturdy table-top fan, what fuse would be best also?
Of all the souvenirs he could have brought back... I'd have a word with him, if were you.

Well the good news is that Korea is mainly 220Volt. Normally Black is Live & White is Neutral.
I should think a 3 or 5amp fuse. Start with a 3 and change to a 5 if it blows.
Black is the live, white is the neutral. If there is no earth, make sure the fan is plastic cased.

Use a 3A fuse.
Eldest son just back from contract in Korea
Tell him to get down to 24hr Tescos and buy a new one. The Pikey fecker has probably earnt more money in a month than most will see in a year!

SK :)
Alternatively, buy a travel plug adaptor or a shaver plug adaptor. Both chippy cheap
if it's the european type stick a screw driver in the earth port of the plug socket and it should fit.

If you cock it up and die I never said it ;)
Thanks for all the advice chaps
msr said:
Of all the souvenirs he could have brought back... I'd have a word with him, if were you.


Perhaps this is the "souvenir" he got for dad to see. Worry instead about the ones he is keeping hidden.........

...........if he's got any sense!

I've just remembered - my son is off to Italy next week. Must find a metal detector for when he gets back.
For the fuse size look underneath the base and find the power rating eg 2000 W divide this by 230 volts and this will give you the Amps that the appliance will take. eg 2000/230 = 8.69 A so if you could find a 10A fuse then this will do, if not then you will have to use a 13A

Always be careful if you plan to use a travel adaptor to ensure that the adaptor can take the current of the appliance otherwise you will find it getting hot and prone to fire.
Hope this helps

Although Korea does use 220v (near enough to 240v as not to make a significant difference), it also uses 110v. Look at the rating plate to find out which the fan is designed for. Both the 220v and 110v supplies are 60Hz, unlike the UK's 50Hz. With a simple item like a fan, this probably won't make a lot of difference, though other items containing motors (and especially electronics) may not work in UK.

As there are only two wires, it won't matter which is taken to be live and neutral as ac current constantly reverses the polarity anyway. Use sparksapper's calculation to determine the fuse value, though I'd be surprised if more than 3A was needed.

I have a distrust of the quality of a lot of foreign electrical goods and would recommend that it be PAT (portable applicance test) tested if you have a mate who's an electrician. You may find that some exposed screws are live or internal connections are not well formed, representing a fire hazard. Either way, I'd run it through an RCD plug for a while to build up confidence in it.

If you ever get exotic electrical equipment, ALWAYS examine the rating plate - things are not always what they seem. For example, I stayed in a hotel in Barcelona about 15 years ago. There were three types of wall socket in the room, one was 220v ac, one was 110v ac and one was 60v (I think) dc. NONE WAS MARKED. The local shops sold equipment for all of them, though not always with the corresponding plugs. Beijing 5 years ago was similar, though with a greater variety of plugs and sockets - there did not appear to be a convention regarding plug type and voltage.
I have just bought a 16" fan from Tescos costing me £12. The plug was fitted and the instructions were kurt and simple.

I recommend bathing with the Korean fan, whilst wearing an S10, it would make for an interesting autopsy report!!

The Royal Engineers would probably have a better idea, only ex-sparkies who have done their 16th edition or 'diy' enthusiasts inhabit this forum!!!

Not knocking ex sparkies btw!!

Just the 'diy' enthusiasts, they are typically called VMs in the REME, and remind me of Rayvon out of Phoenix Nights!!
Have you actually taken the base plate off it?
Chances are your lad has probably smuggled something less than kosha in it and is leaving it at your place till the heat dies down.
Why else would he cart a fan all the way back from Korea??????
Just a thought....

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