Two peers to be suspended over cash for amendments scandal

Six months away from the trough? They should be doing a minimum of 6 years cat A. The upper house has to be dissolved and every member fully vetted before being allowed to return, that should reduce the numbers down to about a hundred or so good ones like Paddy Ashdown.

Those that fail the vetting process should be stripped of their titles, assets and British Citizenship, the UN can look after them elsewhere, probably giving them jobs.
Fraud is fraud is fraud. Mear mortals in similar circumstances expect jail & I see no reason why this lot shouldn't receive same. If any of the offending Peers/MP's (inc those yet to be 'outed') have served in the forces or on any MOD committee I would expect anyone disciplined during their watch for similar behaviour to have an eye on these proceedings with a view to filing an appeal.

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