Two Paratroopers Charged with 1972 Murder.

Discussion in 'Northern Ireland (Op BANNER)' started by guzzijon, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. Well, it was kind of inevitable I suppose but it seems that two paratroopers who allegedly shot Joe McCann as he fled from the RUC in 1972 have been charged.

    Ex-para who may face court over IRA man's death slams justice system -

    Shame our wonderful politicians didn't make sure that the GFA amnesty didn't cover all participants and all crimes whether charges had been brought or not. We'd have had to suck up a couple of their murdering bastards getting away scot free but it would have nipped this bullshit in the bud.
    Douglas Murray summed it up perfectly in the Spectator:-

    Tony Blair's IRA amnesty should also apply to British soldiers | Coffee House
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  2. Well, by rights, after being sentenced to life imprisonment they will be immediately released under the terms of the Good Friday agreement....................won't they? Good for the Goose etc.
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  3. For those serving over 40 years ago - what did your ROEs say for circumstances such as their surrounding McCann's death?
  4. This ******* baffles me
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  5. Words fail me
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  6. DaManBugs

    DaManBugs LE Book Reviewer

    Same here. So first they were exonerated (whereby it should have stopped right there) and now they're being prosecuted almost half a century later? That's disgraceful and Theresa Maybe or some other knacker should be putting a stop to farces like this.

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  7. It's f*****g sickening to think this is being allowed, especially after that shit GFA!!! Safe to say I am quietly bubbling away like a rabid berserker!!
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  8. This was before the Emergency Provisions Act, so they were acting under the Special Powers Act. However, if he was running away and unarmed when shot (as is alleged) then the only force that could lawfully use would be no different then as now.
    The EPA and Yellow Card is no different to Card A today, based on UK law and no different then as now.

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  9. I note with interest that the third soldier refused to cooperate and nothing has happened to him. The motto is SAY NOTHING and DO NOT cooperate in any way, shape or form.
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  10. So from the Belfast Telegraph article linked to by the OP, there is this "A third who lives abroad did not cooperate.". Am I reading this right that these two decided to co-operate and have been royally shafted?
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  11. Sounds like it.

    No comment unless interviewed under caution, and then lawyer up.
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  12. Yes and yes. See post 10 :)
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  13. And then say nothing!
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  14. Then only say something after discussions with your brief. Normally name, number, rank.