Two offences or six?


Just a general question regarding motoring offenses.

I've been to court twice in my life, one for have a defective light, a "barely" bald tyre and driving without the appropriate license (three offenses) and another time for going through a red light, for driving without due care and attention, and receiving a disqualification (three offenses).

Does this mean that I have two motoring offenses (taken to court twice), or six offenses?

Do I list all these separately on the security clearance?

Do the people who do the security clearance even care about motoring offenses i.e. will it prevent me from being cleared?
We were all tw*ts once. I think the army will take this with a pinch of salt compared to, say, drug peddling or child sex offences.

Honesty is the best policy.
Just write down the date, the Court, what you were up for and what you got for each thing. This should be just two entries on your form, one for each date. Check the paper part of your licence, the nasty man writes it on the back for you as a reminder.

You don't get taken to civ court for getting a disqualification, disqual is what happens to you at court, unless of course you were driving while you were disqualified, which is well frowned upon.

You're not the bloke who was on about security clearance last week, are you?
Yes. I called the ACIO up and they said just put it down on the SC. He didn't seem to be bothered.

Could these jeopardise my security clearance?
You guess make it sound like it's a common thing for squaddies to have a dozen motoring offenses :lol:

Do you think this will have an effect on the SC?
You MUST declare all of the individual offences, even though it was only two court appearances, and all traffic related. I don't think this will affect your security clearance on the face of it. However, if you don't declare all of them, you can be sure they will take a very dim view of that. Forget the gravity of the offences, these are (relatively) small fry. What will really grip them is if they think you are trying to pull the wool , that will bring your integrity into question.
I agree, which is why I'm asking now before I do anything.

At what stage of training do recruits complete the SC?
Who handles the SC forms during basic and deliverance to the DVA?
Will the number of offenses look bad, especially as they're in such a small space of time?
The DVA are not looking for the offences you have committed unless directly connected to your job.
As long as you declare everything you will be ok. They are more interested in what you haven't told them, thus leaving yourself open to future blackmail attempts etc.
Obviously, I'm embarrassed about these, as they were stupid acts, which is why I'm interested in knowing who will see them. The ACIO have been informed, and they seem to be happy - no qualms with them. Who else will see these?

In relation to cunexttuesday, when you say they won't be bothered unless it's related to the job, wouldn't this have a major impact on me, seen as I start basic soon as a Vehicle Mechanic?
Having been out driving with some new officer cadets that had just sat there tests. Thankfully I made it back alive, I was amazed that the driving instructor had passed them as their driving was terrible . I'd thing that you would get a pat on the back for your 2 spending offerences and told to try harder next time. Good luck.

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