Two Nuns.

Two nuns in a car driving through Transylvania when a little vampire jumps onto the car hood. One nun, Sister Marygold turns to Sister Jean and says "oh dear! a Vampire! What shall we do?"

Sister Jean says "I've filled the car's water spray with Holy Water, spray it with that, QUICKLY!" So Sister Marygold does, but the Vampire clings onto the car desperately.

"It's not working!" shreiked Sister Marygold.

"Quick, get your bible and start reading Psalm 23 and dont stop!" replied Sister Jean, so both nuns grab their bibles and start reading. The little Vampire starts to burn, but it stills hold onto the car, getting closer to the nuns.

"It's still not working!" screams Sister Marygold.

"Quick, show him you're cross!" replies sister jean.

"Now you're talking" says sister marygold, "GET THE FUCK OF MY CAR YOU LITTLE BASTARD!"

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