Two more dead in Iraq

The next of kin of all three soldiers have been informed.

The deaths bring to 111 the number of British military casualties in Iraq since the 2003 conflict began.
2 dead and one injured.

There are no words to express my feelings.
I am so sorry guys. May your families be comforted at this terrible time and your spirit live on with your regimental friends. Our thoughts are with you and I will get my kids to say prayers tonight for the pair of you.

Requiescat in pace
The soldiers, from the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, were on a routine patrol just outside Basra when the device exploded.
Its always the same, what chance do the soldiers over there stand when they're faced not with opposing soldiers, but with IED's hidden at the roadside... :x

RIP to the lads.
Condolences to the families , colleagues and friends of the fallen. My prayers for the swift recovery of the injured Soldier.

R.I.P Sincere sympathy to familys,colleages and friends on there sad loss
R.I.P. Codolences go the family and friends.

Another 12 people died when at least six bombs detonated across the Iraqi capital in a series of apparent attacks on police patrols, officials said.
Also my sympathy to all those killed and they're familys as well.
Bugger... not again..... RIP lads, you will never be forgotten, thoughts are with family, friends and collegues. Hopes for a speedy and full recovery to those injured.
Terrible news again. RIP