Two more candidates for death row.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. 23 yo mother, 22 yo boyfriend who did £140 of skunk a week.

    Killed a 4 yo, girl. Worse, the authorities did the square root of sweet fa.

    Oh, for 30 mins with them both... complete with a few planks, pliars, blow torch car battery and jump leads and a here
  2. You are going to have a long long walk to the back of the queue of those who want to get their hands on these two first , perhaps it could be included in the National Lottery for who gets first go at them , by hell there would be a lot of tickets sold that week
  3. Wish I had £140 a week to waste or were they benefit thieves
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Qoute from local authority...

    "Paul Johnson, head of safeguarding at Kirklees Council and a member of the Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board, defended the local authority’s handling of the case.

    He said a council review carried out by an “independent professional” concluded Leticia’s death “could not have been foreseen.

    But he conceded how “certain aspects could have been handled differently”. "

    I take it the 'independent professional' was'nt a copper & that the other comments are just passing the buck!
    Still,I hope Big Bubba is happy with his new Prison Biatch!
    Just sad it was allowed to go on.
    RIP Young Girl.
  5. I saw this report on the lunchtime news, with one of the two neighbours that made the report to social services breaking down because she wished that she could had done something more before the situation ended in the little's girl death. I can only hope the two social workers share some of that same guilt.
    Not slating all social workers but, unfortunately, this isn't the first or last time I find myself questioning their eyesight and perception where their intervention, usually unwanted, should have been the start of a positive change of life the victim needed and benefit from. Poor love.

    It's a pity, especially with utter ***** like these, that they receive the same horrific experience that they gave to their victim.
  6. It beggers belief

    I hope they suffer in the same pain that the little defenceless mite did :x :x
  7. This isn't the first time - I think the last 'major' tragedy happened around 2000. Lessons learnt?
  8. Only lesson learnt, is there would be a lot of arrsers after the hangmans job, me included.

    Sleep in happy peace little one.
  9. Agreed Mucus,

    But let the both have the Edward II, 'Berkeley Castle' job first and then finish it as suggested by you...

    I would lay on a BBQ afterwards.. and the beer..
  10. Isn't this the same excuse given by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Fenian after his failure to deal with paedophile priests effectively?
  11. God, how my blood is boiling at this story!! :evil:
    I assume this gent (Paul Johnson) is either a head of Social Services or speaking on their behalf? How many more times do we need to read phrases such as "could not have been foreseen" or "could have been handled differently". I'm only surprised he never wheeled out the old favourite "LESSONS HAVE BEEN LEARNED" B*ll*cks!
    Let's start getting serious with these low lifes - our children deserve better protection and bless them, when the system fails them, like in this case, the b*stards responsible should be dangling from the end of a rope. Give me the job! :x
  12. Why is everything now handled with weasle words and no acceptance of responsibilty by those at the top of the food chain ...

    sickened and saddened at what society is becoming, there never was a golden age but i realy think we are going backwards ....
  13. Lessons have been learnt should read, those who made the mistake have been sacked.
  14. Heard the twat read out the statement on the radio.

    Every time (thats a depressing start) this happens the councils spend money and time covering their own fcuk up's.

    How hard can it be to notice a CHILD who's getting seven bells kicked out of them?

    She was 4 YEARS OLD FFS!!!!!!
  15. Absolute bastards. I hope they get what they deserve in prison.
    :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x