Two more British casualties in Iraq.

May they rest in peace, our thoughts are with the families.
It will not surprise you all to hear that the press, Sun, Mirror, Mail etc have already been banging on the widow's door.

There is no news here, there is no story, it is just an appalling thing that has happened and for any journalists who read this post - I accept you have a job to do, a very important one, and I have the greatest respect for many of the profession, but intruding on someone’s grief is a spineless, thoughtless and vile thing to do.

This is not the suicide of a government scientist it is the death of 2 outstanding soldiers in an RTA. There is nothing to report except the devastation of the people that knew them. I don't need a newspaper to tell me that, it is obvious, so why can't they leave them alone.

If you are a journalist please can you try to justify the need to knock on the door in this thread.
Radio 4 6pm new made a little fau pas when they named the guys unit they left out the vowel.



If that is true I don''t think anyone could justify that. Thoughts not questions should be with the widows.
Today was Jimmy Stenner's funeral.

I then discovered this article,11816,1119154,00.html

All I can say is what a load of unutterable tripe. Although the Guardian is not my daily choice of paper I have, in the past, respected it as a paper of integrity and quality.

This pathetic article, attempting to conjure a story out of nothing other than a simple car accident, is repulsive and deplorable. The authors should send their CVs to the Sunday Sport where their abilities are more likely to be appreciated or perhaps even the Sport would feel the journalists have stooped too low
Whilst not agreeing with it's politics or social comment I have always respected the Guardian for it's news reporting. That article puts the paper on the same footing as Pravda. Quite disgusting. The very worst sort of ill informed tabloid journalism.
Just read the article.
Disgusting mess or innuendo and speculation. Unfortunately I have to disagree with some of the posts here. This is the sort of thinly veiled slur against the armed forces the Guardian loves to publish.
Having reviewed Messers Luke Harding and Richard Norton-Taylor material I find myself agreeing with you, what a load of chippy nonsense, I thought the Guardian's journalists were decent, but rather pink, professionals - these 2 clearly are not
I like the way they make the Mazar I Sherif battle sound like execution. If anyone has seen the footage it is pretty clear that they weren't just cowering.
Never let the truth get in the way of a good article. I can imagine the self righteous indignation in pinko land, "Evil British Murder Prisoners". Who needs Al-Jezeera when you've got the Guardian :evil:

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