Two Minute Silence On Armistice Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Btt... 1 Hour 12 Minutes and Counting... Hopefully one of the MODS has seen the 'Last Tommy' Thread and will 'Sticky' it at the top of the index page...
  2. And I hope people do actually reflect and silently say "thank you" to them all whilst observing the two minute silence. Not just stay silent for the sake of it. And also think of the boys (and girls!!) in Iraq and wish them a safe, speedy homecoming.
  3. Indeed, and all of our lads and lassies in Afghanistan and everywhere. We're ever so thankful!
  4. Had ours here in BFG already. I was driving and had to pull over, but that's no hardship. I might just do it again at 12 local.
  5. RTFQ


    We are soldiers
    No bugles, nor drums,
    Nor well-heeled statesmen
    Can provide our epitaph.

    We died as we lived,
    As we fought: with our friends
    Beside us and our families within.
    All else was forgotten.

    You will not know
    What horrors echo
    In that red paper flower.
    That’s our greatest gift.

    So stand still
    When they ask you.
    And think not on what we did
    But what we dreamed

    For You.

    (Poem entitled "Gift" and taken from an Order of Service from an old school of mine. Author: M. Patel)
  6. I've got that little poem that someone inserted into the 'poppies in my office' thread ready to fire off to the geeks here just before the 2 miinute silence.

    Hopefully a few of the 'I'm wearing an elastic band on my wrist because a multi-millionaire rockstar told me it's cool' brigade feel so guilty that they'll chuck themselves out of the top floor shortly afterwards for not wearing a poppy.

    I also got 2 x whistling daughters (10 & 7) to bring down their school sweatshirts last night and pinned a poppy on both. I asked them why they were wearing it and I proudly listened, tear in my eye, as they stated some damn fine reasons. To be fair to their schools they have been taking them through the history of the poppy and Remembrance Day.
  7. It's good to hear that not all the news coming out of the schools is bad. Everyone should wear a poopy as a sign of rememberance, even a sign of respect at this time of year, but their reasons and their thoughts when they do remember are their own personal reasons and thoughts.
  8. Rest in peace.

    Miss you
  9. Thank you for everything
  10. lest we forget
  11. RIP Braver men than me God BLess and keep you safe
  12. :evil: Second year in a row my company (recruitment) has ignored the two minutes silence, I emailed last year and asked why and I was told it was a personal thing and besides we are an American company!!!!! FFS is it not Veterens Day in the US?

    No surprise the Asian Tsunami was the usual outpouring of hand wringing and they even turned the phones off!!

    Bast@rds :evil: