Two Men Went to War

Anyone seen the (fairly) recent British film 'Two Men Went to War'? I can highly recommend it. It's based on a true story (taken, I believe, from the book entitled Amatuer Commandos) and tells the story of two bored members of the Dental Corps based in Aldershot during WW2 who decide to do their bit for the war effort by going AWOL, commandeering a fishing boat and invading occupied France on their own :D

There are a few factual holes in it but these are easy to ignore as the whole things a bit tongue-in-cheek. I think you can get it on DVD now. Makes a nice change from the usual SAS / war-is-hell / soft-focus and slow-motion kind of fare.
I have seen it, but I preferred the book, the name of which momentarily escapes me, as it had more background to how they did whast they did. Also it doesn't have the completely bs commando raid bit in.

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