Two Men Went To War

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brummieboy1, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Having read teh synopsis and teh actual details of what they did it seems odd that teh film didn't follow real life events more closely.
  2. Lord Lovat poached King for his Commando, cinematic licence meant King was portrayed with Great War Ribbons, he was born in 1916.

    Cuthberson, apon release from the Glasshouse was transferred to the DLI.
  3. Yes..... as portrayed in eh film, they both came across as being a couple slobs. But then, I have met similar characters whilst in the Army.... (moi included.....hehehe)... I was once called a Big Fat Pompous Corporal by the Badge on RSM's drill parade once....
  4. Are you typing with your head?
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  5. Were some of the WO & SNCOs not extras ? rings a bell that they wore their own 2's
  6. The camp at the start of the film was Longmoor... Happy cadet memories from there.
  7. I had no idea it was a based on a "true" story.
  8. Indeed. King was a Sgt in 4 Commando on D-Day, soon after commissioned in the field, and later awarded an MC for actions in Holland in 1944/45. Emigrated to New Zealand after the war and joined up there when the Korean War started. Awarded a DSO for his actions in Korea as a Capt in the Royal NZ Artillery attached as an FOO to the KOSB. Killed in a car crash while working as a forest ranger in NZ in the early '60s.

    Biography here:

    King, Peter Frank - Biography - Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

    and more here including DSO citation:

    Peter King - Distinguished Service Order > Korean War > Artillery Heritage > New Zealand Artillery : Southern Gunners : Live Firing