two medals on tour fact or fiction?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SONOFHOMER, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. dont know if this has been commented before but is it true that op herrick at this current time is apart from the OSM also awarding the nato isaf medal.
  2. Yes – but… You get both (provided you deploy on the ISAF Mission) but can only wear the OSM. The NATO ISAF medal is just another pretty keepsake (joins the other three at the back of the drawer).
  3. is herrick in support of the isaf mission??? what is the point of a medal you cant wear all other nato medals can be worn
  4. This happens more often than you can imagine, basically the rule is although you can be presented a medal for a tour, you cannot wear it if you have already been awarded an British medal that covers the same Operation.

    An example of this is the first Gulf War, on that combatants were awarded The Gulf War Medal plus 2 other medals, one form the Kuwaiti Gov and one from The Saudis, the GW was the only to be worn except (strangly) mess dress. Another example is the current Article 5 medal in the Former Yugoslavia, if you deploy to that theatre now and are given the medal BUT have already served in either Bosnia (IFOR/SFOR) or Kosovo (KFOR) then you wear the first medal given but cannot wear the Article 5 version. Currently there are arguments for the new Malay medal given out to old time vets, as they were awarded the GSM with Malaya clasp technically they can't wear it, however whos going to argue with an elderly jungle fighter at a RBL march.

    There are however circumstances where people got 2 gongs and can wear them for one tour, the lucky few who straddled UNPROFOR and IFOR in Bosnia got it (not all people, the criteria is a bit weird) and guys in Cyprus on OP Tosca during the Gulf war got that medal along with the UN one, both got the extra medal becuase they represented a different authority in command

    Does that make sense ?

    I belive in the case of the Gulf War, the spams got to wear them all as well as there own and the old faithful "Countries at war, everyone get a gong" medal
  5. thanks for the clarification that just seems a bit weird to me as so many brave blokes are coming back from there with gongs that they are fully entitled to but can only wear the one if your given two you should be able to wear two
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I think that veterans of the Korean War were allowed to wear both the Queen's Korean War medal as well as the UN one. This may have been the only post WW2 example of this.
  7. Actually I make you right, I was going to dsay that but was unsure of my facts, them being the colemans advert with the Chelsea Pensioner on
  8. what the hell is the colemans advert with the chelsea pensioner about?
  9. Sorry I meant Helmans, theres an ad on at the momment where people say what they like in a sandwich, the gist is they all like different things but all love Helmans

    In it it flashed to an oldun in Chelsea Pensioner get up with 2 gongs, one was the UN Korea medal the other was the medal issued by the UK for Korea.

    I didn't mention it as its the only time I had seen it and didn't know if the guy was real and so where the medals (this is TV after all ) or if he was only supposed to wear one but stuck them both on
  10. Heres a couple of examples



    Interesting thing is I found these on ebay and they were both issued to RN personel, not sure if that is relevent
  11. There was a horrible rumour, thankfully unfounded, that if you arrived after 01 Aug 06, you would ONLY get the NATO medal. Now that would be pants.
  12. It would be wouldn't Fush? :twisted: