Two knights.


Queen Elizabeth II stripped Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe of his ceremonial knighthood on Wednesday — a highly unusual move meant to show Britain's revulsion with the human rights abuses of his regime.

The queen acted on the advice of Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who said Mugabe should have the honor revoked because of widespread violence and intimidation of Zimbabwe's opposition ahead of a presidential runoff Friday.
Why this dictator Mugabe was ever knighted? What has he done for Great Britain?;_ylt=AlBA9AbVO.5pP1Ga5IQIfSdw24cA

Queen Elizabeth II conferred a knighthood on "The Satanic Verses" author Salman Rushdie on Wednesday, a year after the announcement of the knighthood provoked protests from the Muslim world.
Was it a personal decision made by HM? I doubt.

Was it right to knight this so called 'poet'? What has he done for Great Britain?

And the main question: why do the politicians sometimes make their hiding behind HM?
Politicans hand out gongs to foreign leaders - cheap and it makes the recipient happy.

The list of right s&*^s who have received these is rather long.

Salman Rushdie - probably a recommendation by Phil the Greek in recognition of his services to the cause of annoying large numbers of people.
wedge35 said:
шевелилка дерьма!

Do you mean HM?

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