Two Jabs claims to have had a slimmers disease.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cutaway, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Fat Boy Prescott has now alleges that the stress of his job caused him to suffer from bulimia...

    He claims he was cued of it one year ago.
    I for one think he's made a tremendous recovery.

    The lying slime also said that now he's come out into the open with his embarassing secret, he hopes it will encourage young girls to seek help.

    Yeah of course they will chum.
    If they want to look like the fecking Gooyear blimp a year later, you stupid cnut.
  2. Methinks, more likely he threw up a few times cause he was gorging himself stupid on all the freebies.
    His embarrasing secret, started at conception.
  3. Is that why he claimed 4000 pounds from the taxpayer for food..ooops...I meant medicine.
  4. well he's certainly made up for being cured now the fat cnut.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Frenchperson, who posted this in the CA forum (here), suggested some photoshop pics on the subject.
    Great idea, but more suited to the NAAFI.

    Any takers ?

    Personally I just like to slag the fat thief off, but there you go.
  6. why would you get cured anyway if i was that fat and had buellimia (sp) id wait until i was thin before getting treatment
  7. No what he meant was having dyslexia made him sick, bulimia he couldn't even spell fat tw@t

    I have all my life thought that prescott was a BUFF (Big Useless Fat Fucker). I now realise I was wrong, I'm sorry.

    I now realise he is a BBUFF (Big Bulimic Usleless Fat Fucker)

    I still hope he dies soon.

    Have a shite day Prescott you fat cunt.
  9. Only this utter rubbish could come from that fat slob buffoon. What bulimics(whatever they call themselves) are ever fat? None because they are all skinny rakes who vomit after every meal.

    This fat lump of lard obviously forgot the throwing up bit.

    Fat Prescott did have an eating disorder. He had a disorder that made him eat too much food a.k.a obese moron disease.
  10. No re think what he meant is he vomits after eating 3 0r 4 bulimics
  11. If he was after a sympathetic reaction to his "condition" he can forget it......
    The FLUG (fat lardy useless git) blew any chance of that when he:
    1. Indulged in nepotism by trying to get his son parachuted into his safe Neu Arbeit seat in Hull.
    2. Sh8gged his secretary on several occasions (not saying this is wrong, but it is when you get caught & try to deny it), allowed himself to be photographed in compromising situations with her & still thought Joe Taxpayer was so thick we wouldn't even notice.
    3. Got photographed (again) playing croquet when he was supposed to be running the country (that's a laugh) in Bliar's absence.
    4. Tried to deck a bloke who chucked an egg at him, & couldn't even do that right.
    5. On the occasions when he was allowed to speak to foreign politicians, he made us all look cnuts because he didn't have a scooby what he was on about.
    I remain convinced Bliar only appointed him Deputy PM for 2 reasons: first, to make the unions think he was still in their pocket, & second because he knew Prezza was such a cnut he couldn't fail to make Bliar look good.
    For these reasons I wouldn't p*ss on the man if he was alight, unless of course I could p*ss napalm :twisted:
  12. Nice one, BDS; just about sums up the fat prat. Didn't he confuse some spam with talk about "The Balklands" at the time of Kosovo? And there was that gem when he got off a plane after a rough flight and said he was "glad to be back on terracotta". What his secretary saw in him God only knows: I'm afraid it merely reinforced my view that women (Maggie excepted) should be kept well away from politics (waits for incoming). Could have been even worse, though - at least he wasn't giving Mandelson his four centimetres of Socialist glory. :D
  13. It's all true..caught here attempting to stick a sneaky finger down his throat without Blair catching him

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  14. ...and then he throws up into his mouth before searching desperately for somewhere to deposit the contents

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  15. In fact anytime Blair was nearby it was great as it made him want to puke

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