Two Iraqis, a Donkey and a Potential Para.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dr_Dorian, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. The eldest Dorian is 17 now and has his heart set on joining the Para's, for a while now he has been displaying certain actions which give me the impression that he is gearing up for this by trying to taken on the attitude of one. Mainly this consists of referring to my time in the RAF as "slacking off with the crabs" and referring to his younger sister as a "hat" when she has her Air Cadet uniform on. Other activities include drinking my whisky when his mates are round and replacing it with cold tea as well as helping himself to tins of my beer and then trying to pull a jedi mind trick and telling me that I must have drunk them. He was also busted a few weeks ago shagging his girlfriend in his bedroom by me as I came into the house (his bedroom window is level with head height) when I asked why he didnt close the blinds he said that he "had his hands full at the time" .. Mrs Dorian is starting to worry but secretly I am quite proud.

    Thats the background.

    Son is doing well at school and apart from the latest squaddie inspired antics is no bother at all, he has two part time jobs and is a grafter, all round a good kid. However we were handed a letter on Friday saying he had been suspended from school for one week for "indecent and irresponsible behaviour", my first though was that he had nailed his girlfriend in a classroon and left the blinds open, it turns out that it was for using this video in a presentation to the class ..

    We have been asked to meet with the Headmaster on Monday.

    Son tells me that he did this due to his History teacher being a bit of a lefty tree hugger who seems to spend a lot of her time preaching about the current Iraq and Afghanistan situation and he is quite frustrated at her, in his view anti militairy stance. Obviously this did not register well with my first born considering his favoured career. The above video was apparently the entire presentation, the class had been asked to look into the history of Iraq and come up with a presentation or essay which shows the Iraqi people as "the loving, generous and cultured people they are" to quote his teacher, this is what he came up with. Now I am also in the doghouse with Mrs Dorian as it is my laptop he used and so by female logic I am also partly to blame, the fact I laughed my

    Sunday Afternoon peace and quiet has been shattered, I cracked up along with my boy and the two females have gone into judgement overdrive mode, son was told that there was to be an end to acting like a squaddie by his mother, she then attempted to mend some bridges by asking him what he wanted to eat.

    He looked her straight in the eye, smiled and said ... "An Egg Banjo please Mum"

    I think ke deserves a suitbale "Squaddie Themed" reward for his attitude .. Any Ideas ??
  2. Take him to Brecon for a beasting?
  3. I would get legal aid and sue the Arrse of that left wing socialist carpet muncher for bringing politics into the classroom. No teacher should be gobbing off in school. I would report her to the board of governers and try to fcuk her career. Take your lad out this afternoon for just a couple of beers and a fatherly chat. Explain that you are proud of his career aspirations but that as potential airborne warrior material he must realise that he must balance his rights and responsibilities. He is exactly the calibre of chap that we need.
  4. Is he up for commissioning? What else is he into? (Perhaps get him into one of the Corps...)
  5. Take him on the beer, slash in his empty beer glass and drink each others vomit. I'm sure you can involve human faeces in there somewhere too.

    He'll value the introduction for when he arrives at his Bn.

    Good lad. Tell him we're all proud.
  6. "the loving, generous and cultured people they are" - Can you discribe any culture or society as this? She should have asked them to write an essay on Iraqi culture. It's a bit like being asked to write about Vicortian London "the loving, generous and cultured people they are" and missing out the poverty, the desease riden, the violent crime, social inequalities and the class system.

    It looks like your boy used a lump hammer when a small screw driver would have done the job just as well.
  7. Ive tried to point him in that direction but he has just started the process of applying now, he has his heart set on joining the ranks, and he doesnt seem interested in anything other than the Para's. We had a chat about a few things this afternoon before I go in to see the Headmaster tomorrow as I am not very impressed with this teacher putting her opinions across to her pupils, I was intially dubious when my son told me what the essay or presentation was to be about but he showed me the course notes. I am going to ask to speak to this teacher as he has also informed me she made comments about about the video that appeared in the News of the World a while ago. I think he has been holding some resentment of her back for a while and this was his way of getting back at her at what he saw as being forced to write an essay on a subject he did not agree with.

    His mother is unimpressed with him but personally I think while I think his actions were amusing it was maybe not the best way to go about it, however I think it shows a bit of a character and assertiveness which will do him no harm should he be succesful in joining the Parachute Regiment.

    I have pointed him in the direction of certain threads nin the Naffi Bar which should be an education .. I think he is going to PM some of the Para's on Arrse regarding fitness training, he has been doing regular cardio and weights for almost a year now but he is curious as to what would be the best combo to prep for basic.

    Strangely he didnt have an answer when I asked him how he came across that link though.
  8. That was quality, I would be chuffed to bits if he was my son.

    A bit disturbing that the observers were so keen on the act but oh well.

    also this little beut!!!

    dancing Iraqi soldier
  9. edited for being a mong
  10. Hi Dr Dorian,

    I have been down this road myself with my son’s school on more than one occasion. I just ‘love’ taking apart the politically correct humourless brainwashing intellectual cretins that manage to slip through the educational selection process in order to peddle their own brand of politics on young people in order to mould them in their own image. I refer and have referred to such teachers in the past, often to their faces, as ‘intellectual paedophiles’! They cannot ‘fcuck with bodies of their pupils so they fcuck with their minds instead!

    I know this is the NAAFI bar and we tend to be rather more light-hearted than on other forums but I read your post with mixed emotions I was both amused by the antics of your lad who has been unafraid to offer rebuttal evidence by presenting a contrary point of view from that which his History Teacher seems urgently to require him to accept as orthodoxy and at the same time, and exceptionally angry that the educational establishment should, as they typically do, seek, on subjective grounds alone, to penalise independence of thought on grounds that are entirely subjective.

    In my submission, the real problems lies not in the sense that what he displays is indecent, since the quality of the film displayed falls well below that which might be objectively considered to be so, or that he has behaved irresponsibly by showing it; the real problem lies in the power-relationship. Arbitrary authority does not like being challenged or made a fool of. In that respect, your son succeeds admirably and he has my admiration and respect. The real problem is, that authority does not like a smart-arse.

    Where does the school stand on this?

    The answer is, that they stand on very shaky ground and will exploit any weakness they find in your argument.

    They will, of course fail on the ground’s of obscenity since the test for obscenity set out in the Obscene Publications Act 1959 section 1(1) is if it’s effect is, if taken as a whole, is such as to tend to deprave or corrupt persons who see or hear the matter contained within it. The test is an objective one. In other words, it is not enough that the History Teacher subjectively considers the video to be obscene, or that his pupils were surprised (highly amused no doubt), the test is what ordinary people would consider as being likely to deprave or corrupt. In this regard, ordinary people would, on any objective test regard this as falling well below the threshold having regard to the ages of the adolescents who viewed it.

    You can therefore destroy any assertion of ‘obscene’ and the indiscriminate way in which the school have chosen to use the fiction in order to engender in the lad and his parents a fear that he has engaged in something serious.

    Having demolished the label ‘obscene’, you will find that they will seek to substitute ‘obscene’, for ‘offensive’. They will assert that it caused ‘offence’. That the History Teacher was ‘offended’ and they will seek to pray in aid of the fiction that everyone else who watched it was similarly ‘offended’. They use other subjective terms too, such as ‘inappropriate’, meaning little more than something I subjectively dislike but can find no objective basis upon which to object rationally.

    Let’s look at this term: ‘Offensive’. Lets look at it in light of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms which was incorporated into English Law by our Parliament under Section 1(1)(a) Human Rights Act 1998. It reads:

    Article 10

    (1). Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This article shall not prevent States from requiring he licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

    Because article 1(1) is not an absolute right, it is qualified by article 10(2) which reads:

    (2), The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

    In other words, the freedom of expression is only qualified to the extent that is restricted by law. This is what the politically correct zealots cannot get their heads around or like to conveniently ignore. Nowhere do you see the term ‘causing offence’, ‘likely to cause offence’, ‘it may offend others’. Nowhere to you see the term: ‘inappropriate’

    There is another fact that the politically correct zealots in the educational establishment, local government offices and other central and local government offices comprising public authorities up and down this country, carrying out acts of a public nature, either suppress or conveniently ignore. It is section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998. It reads:

    “6. Acts of Public Authorities

    (1), It is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with a convention right..”

    and under section 8:

    “8 Judicial remedies

    (1), In relation to any act (or proposed act) of a public authority which the court finds is (or would be) unlawful, it may grant such relief or remedy, or make such orders, within it’s powers as it considers just and appropriate…”

    In short, your son was as entitled to produce his point of view in the same way that the tree-hugging lefty was entitled to his point of view. Moreover, if your son should face any sort of sanction at all, then the tree-hugging school acts illegally.

    I suppose the tree-hugger would not have considered pictures of the ‘highway of death’ or pictures of ‘shock and awe’ to be obscene, inappropriate or irresponsible in advancing his views would he?

    My father, myself, you and now your son wore khaki and green or will do so to defend rights like these and they were too hard won to let some inadequate tw*t remove them by producing a disciplined unthinking robot.

    If your son has the capacity for independent thought and expression and is not afraid to express them, than you, and indeed the school, has actually done it’s job.

    Regards and best wishes
  11. While impressed at the presentation; it no doubt would have received a poor mark as it was merely visual with little research to back it up ;)

    Perhaps an investigation into how that essay fits into his As/A2/IB?? specification would be worthwhile.

    It's also very poor practice to ask for a one-sided essay; producing something like that in an exam would leave your son with poor grades (generally, there are exceptions).

    There is also the matter of politics in the classroom; but what about if his history teacher was the complete opposite? Would that be acceptable?
  12. Thanks for the comments along the legal side, all useful for when I see the Headmaster tomorrow.

    I put this thread in the Naafi as I thought my son showed a sense of humour in dealing with what he refers to as "a brain dead beatnik spouting pish", he said nothing to the teacher but used his sense of humour in a way that words would not have managed.

    And as he has been acting like a little squaddie for a while now I thought the act would be appreciated by Arrse Members.

    I am quite glad that he knows what he wants, he works hard and has for the last year or so been building up his fitness in preparation for joining the Para's, he reads all he can about them and personally if they dont take him they're missing out. He couldnt give a toss about the marks he may have or has already lost, in a time where young people are slated for being in the majority lazy, gobby chavs Im quite chuffed that he isnt.

    He still wont tell me what he was looking for when he found the video though, the little deviant.

    And if the teacher held the opposite point of view yes I would be concerned, her job is to inform and edcuate my boy to the point that he can make his choice or form an opinion HIMSELF, and that what I will be telling the Headmaster tomorrow.

    His mother has decided that if he wants to act like a Para she will treat him like one .. when he asked for an Egg Banjo he was told to "Get Fcuked .. by the way Room Inspection at 2000", I told him not to upset the Dorian Garrison RSM.
  13. I have to say bravo to your son for having the guts to actually show that video what absolute class!

    However if the school wanted to get on their moral high horse which it sounds like they are going to if they have suspended him, they will bring up the beastiality argument. Not only is just a tad illegal, having the material in ones possession and not to mention the actual act itself it's just very un-pc and illegal

    I, as a trainee solicitor could come up with many an argument for this moral high ground approach. As the other guys have mentioned ,a major argument is the fact the teacher has been forcing her political views on to the "innocent" minds of the kids in her class.

    I would go with the argument the teacher is just as much to blame as your boy. This is for the simple reason she has expressed her views in her own way both verbally and by setting the essay which I have to say is a tad one sided, therefore she is setting the example to your son that he to can his express his views and of course as everyone is an individual he thought that the video was the best way to express his views on the topic.

    That should shut the wench and the headmaster up if not , go for the argument she should of checked the clip herself before she let him show it to the class especially as it was certified to be an 18 & over- meaning she is in the wrong not your son

  14. There is a version of that video in Thermal vision somewhere in the Naafi Internet links thread.

    The title was vaguely military... may be doing your son an injustice!

    Get him to write a presentation that he would have "honestly" :wink: shown after the video. Showing that the Iraqis are not all

    Teachers should not preach politics, ask for the schools policy on that!

    Liked the comment about

  15. Absolutely! I recall my Government and Politics lecturer saying in our first lesson that he'd never preach / teach us politics from his viewpoint because as well as it being unethical it would be a waste of time: we'd use anything he said to reinforce our own opinion, either for or against his own position. We got on great - I called him a champagne socialist, he called me Spawn of Maggie! :D