Two interviews?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tomjj, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. What's the difference between the two interviews after the BARB test and before selection? The sheet I have says the first one is with a recruiter and the next one is with a senior recruiter. Is that all it is?

    (It's not really an official sheet so just wanted to make sure)
  2. Use the search button mate.

    There was a thread on here only a couple of days ago asking about this.
  3. You only have two because your under 18, you recuiter should have told you what you do. He might help you during the interview but i think its up to him.
  4. Ok well I am 18
  5. What, did you tell your recuiter this? I thought you had one if your over 18 and two if your under. You must just be a bit spesh.
  6. The second interview is after getting your medical forms sorted. Then when you goto selection you get interviewed by an officer.
  7. Are you sure??????
  8. The man who I live with says.....

    Two interviews for all applicants.

    As instructed by Recruiting Group Upavon
    March 2008 endeth the lesson for today.
  9. Hmm! This site is being ruined by N00bs giving advice on the joining up process when they haven't even completed it themselves - if you don't know then don't offer advice. By the way ALL applicants get two interviews as Bootifull has already pointed out.
  10. When your first goto the AFCO, you get a date for the first interview, where you'll take your BARB and get given your job choices. You then get given medical forms for your gp to verify. When those forms are returned to the AFCO by the medical staff they give you a ring and arrange your 2nd interview.

    When you goto selection you get interviewed by an officer, this is when you should be looking the smartest, to make sure you make the best impression.

    How do i know: I've done it.
    M2M your clueless. He said before selection, how am i ment to know he was meaning the one you do in ADSC, and i know that under 18's do need to do two interviews pre-selection. So what was the point in your uselss thread. Go piss off you useless Walt. Oh and i have done it that why i know.

    Sorry for everyone else who had to read my anger at this saddo.
  12. I'm clueless, but your the one offering advice but don't know what your talking about. As for me being a Walt - come back when you have a few tours under your belt.
  13. I do know what im talking about though.
    What was false about what i said. Please someone tell me this, who is not m2m. I mean if i am wrong then my AFCO dident do correct thing.
  14. You have two interviews before selection. It's the same for everyone, exept under 18's need parental consent to join.
  15. Great another gobby fucking crow spouting off.