Two Hundred and Thirty Five Million reductions........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by top_soldier, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. Some big news is a-coming.............but we can't talk about it yet (mostly because we have no idea what it is)!!!
  2. july ?......................
  3. I know some really important information that will affect you all.. or it might not. Who knows? We will have to wait until I have made it up to found out. I think this made up information will include a scottish regiment, aircraft carriers, gurkhas and nimrods.

    How exciting!
  4. Let me guess. Your sperm count?
  5. I was thinking either brain cells or witty responses. Either of them would account for both the 'no idea' part of his sentence, and the cryptic silence.
  6. Well said and it’s good to plain speak what’s on your mental.

    In a similar fashion I had a friend who maintained that cheese was too big and would tremble in sexual anticipation when confronted. He couldn’t give a smiling towel but if we stay strong then together we are well-built.

    Now crack on, sweet Jesus.
  7. The geese fly backwards at midnight.
  8. Eight O'clock..................... :eek:)
  9. 2 sugars...cheers