Two Hundred and Thirty Five Million reductions........

I know some really important information that will affect you all.. or it might not. Who knows? We will have to wait until I have made it up to found out. I think this made up information will include a scottish regiment, aircraft carriers, gurkhas and nimrods.

How exciting!
I was thinking either brain cells or witty responses. Either of them would account for both the 'no idea' part of his sentence, and the cryptic silence.
Some big news is a-coming.............but we can't talk about it yet (mostly because we have no idea what it is)!!!
Well said and it’s good to plain speak what’s on your mental.

In a similar fashion I had a friend who maintained that cheese was too big and would tremble in sexual anticipation when confronted. He couldn’t give a smiling towel but if we stay strong then together we are well-built.

Now crack on, sweet Jesus.

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