Two-headed woman eats own legs!!

I need 100 views of this post to convince myself that I've got what it takes to be a tabloid reporter.....please help, its my future that's at stake here!


Stained me old mate, what ever you're taking, it might be worth while giving it a miss for a while!! Any way I don't believe any one could eat their own legs!! ;D
view 4
Hope this helps m8  :D
view 6.
Top 10% my arse...
Answers on back of a ruler to:
Tiffy cse

I could recommend a good CPN.

He is very easy to talk to, and his delusional views are much the same as your own. ;)

STRANGE BOY, they do have medication for this sort of thing. (and chains, a special jacket & a nice padded room)
Heh heh
I know the CPN Disgruntled is talking about, he's a very nice bloke, very very nice bloke, very very very nice bloke, but at the same time barking at the moon!!  ;D

You may just get your 100 you odd chap  ;)
Congrats, can i be youre agent??

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