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Question for the panel;-
I, for my sins served in the Army and the Airforce - whilst in the army I served in Northern Ireland and got the GSM and Bar Northern Ireland, after a short career break I joined the airforce and managed to get mixed up in the Gulf War Part 2 with the no fly zones etc and they gave me a GSM and Bar Air Operations Iraq - lucky me has two GSM's - t he question is that if i wanted to wear them which order do they go in left to right or should i only where one, and if so which one or tell the medals people and see if i can get my hands on a GSM with both bars on it ?????

I did think about flogging one on ebay but decided against it thru fear of a verbal lynching (and quite rightly to) from fellow arrsers.
I think the correct form is to only wear the one with both bars. Not sure which bar goes top or bottom though.

If you a civvy now, just wear them both!!! I would, and lets face it at the end of the day, its a good converation starter on rememberance day, and there might be a few beers in it for you!!!! Now i`ll proberbly be lynched for saying this but who cares!!! Nice one mate!!!! But one question begs to be answered, why on earth did you join the RAF ho,ho,ho!!!
Don`t sell either of them mate, keep em you`ll be glad you did when your old and grey. Just out of interest which one do you feel you really earned? Don`t take this the wrong way, but NI was a real nightmare and I heard that Air Ops was a bit of a swan, or have I been misimformed?
In answer to bigjarofwasps well, i did 4 straight years in N.I loved every minute of it but yes it could be a bit of a nightmare - the air operations iraq consisted of roulements thru dhahran, riydad (on lots of money, Kuwait, Bahrain - made money out of it, got a good suntan, lots of gold and dried out compeletely (well apart from Bahrain) - i tell you it was tough in some of those hotels - definately the N.I. one means more.
In answer to modwatchdog - the army wouldnt have had me back - not that i wanted to go any way - but, lets put it this way, i had a bit of a track record and upset one or two people on my way thru - unfortuantely I knew words like why and thats fukcing stupid, etc things that the RAF look upon as a sign of intelligence
I met someone who had two GSM. In this case he had both the GSM 1918-1964 and the GSM 1962. He was a Lt Col and Permanent President of a Courts Martial.


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I met a guy who had the GSM pre62 and the Royal Navy GSM as he had served on board a ship off Borneo.

There were a couple of hundred army who fell into this odd situation before the navy were stopped from issuing GSMs to commando trained army.
Oz, quality it never ceases to amaze me how the army can`t stand to be told that things are stupid etc!! It hasn`t changed and i suppose it never will, but swimming againest the flow was great fun, seeing how far you can push them, and sciving, was an art!!!!!!
As they are issued by two seperate organisations you should wear both. After all, they are engraved differently (I presume)

Maybe there is an heraldic website that can help you out?
Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:
As they are issued by two seperate organisations you should wear both. After all, they are engraved differently (I presume)

Maybe there is an heraldic website that can help you out?
Hello Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine. You are talking bollocks. Out to you. Ord-Sgt. You are quite correct. Out
I disagree, only one should be worn. That is the point of having clasps. The issue of a second GSM is a result of a lack of combined records in seperate medals offices for the services.

However, I can see where it might happen if a soldier was discharged from the Army and who was to later join the RAF (or RN / RM), if there is no link between the two records of medal issue, the RAF would have no record of his already being in receipt of a GSM.

Of course the simple way of avoiding this would be to scrap seperate service numbers for each of the services, thus they would be recognisable across all forces and would follow anyone when they moved from Army to RAF etc.
As things stand the guy is entitled to wear both but as stated previously he should wear the one he received first in order of precedence.
An LE officer acquaintance got a second GSM for NI. He was with a Bde not his Bn, and had asked the admin people to apply for his ACSM having clocked up the 1080 days required. He was no longer in the province when his medal arrived. Bit of a shock to discover a GSM engraved with his 6 figure number. By all accounts it was not an easy process to hand it back. He did receive his ACSM in due course and lived happilly ever after.
Not sure how the issuing went - obviously one is army and the other air force but wether there were separate medal offices at the time I dont know - bothe engraved with my name but different ranks and numbers - suppose i should have joined the navy to see if i could get a set of three.
Whilst on the subject of medals - the combined service medal - quick question as we seem to have the brains of the outfit on this thread - I did best part of 4 years in N.I. plus god knows how long on the air operations bit - takes me well over the 1080 days - the n.i. stint on its own does it - presumably i can apply retrospectivaly - also, whats the bobby on the lsgc - did a total of 25 yrs raf and army but was a bit of naught boy in my first 3 years - am i still eligible as had over 15 years continous good conduct and left with an exemplary bit in the box - come to that the army gave me exemplary as well. answers on a postcard or this forum please
Contact the medal office (you will find a link from the MoD website).

You can still make a claim for a GSM 62 with clasp Northern Ireland

As for the LSGC, not so simple. It might require a plea of mitigation based on your 15 years good conduct following the offenc.

Of course it will also depend on what the offence was.
or ask the medals office, theyll probably tell you to send them both to them so they can sort it out for you, then after a year or so youll ring to see where it is and theyll say either:

theres a massive backlog of medals, what with the Suez, Telic, LS&GCs etc.. we will get round to you soon.


According to our records you were issued with them and signed the reciept several years ago.
Do the two GSM's have the same ribbon - I know that in the past the RN issued different ribbons to distinguish between the other services.

Hello Cuddles, verify Foxtrot Oscar, Out.
the Navy have a different ribbon to the Army LS&GC as do the RAF and in the early days the Navy had a blue ribbon (not the chocolate biscuit) on the VC.
But as for the GSM and any other campaign medal, the ribbons are the same.