Two Greedy Sods

That is truly amazing! 8O 8O

The picture looks like it was computer generated. Are you sure you're not pulling my leg?!

What a picture though! And I wonder if anyone will find the pythons head bobbing about....
Saw a picture once of a python that had swallowed a plantation worker but then died. Having swallowed the man it was unable to slither away into the shade and dehydrated in the sun.

I reckon this python must have killed the gator first, or thought that it had then after swallowing it the gator revived enough to claw the pythons gut. I hate snakes and gators.


"Clearly, if they can kill an alligator, they can kill other species.." Prof. Frank Mazzotti.

No sh*t Frank?

When I saw the title of this thread, I thought you'd stumbled upon BBC and fat Liz the Nurse at an 'all you can eat' buffet.

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