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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sc00by, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    iv just come from gib barracks to two five but im only there as a SAT soldier which means i'm basically useless at the minute to them does anyone know if there is any way of getting a driving license while i wait for my trade to start i september ?
  2. speak to MT. they should be able to give you an answer.
  3. driving lessons perhaps. :?: [​IMG] :?: [​IMG]
  4. Kin hell, are SATs really this thick?
  5. OK, what the fcuk's a SAT (apart from a gucci video range thing where they tell you not to shoot at the helicopter)?
  6. soldier awaiting training in my case my trade .
  7. as you may or may not be posted back to 25 after your trade course the MT bods may be unwilling to waste a space on a Cat B course for you. But make it known to your staffy that you wish to do the course, if you're not a complete plonker he may be inclined to get you on it.
  8. Ah, a Rifleman then!

    Brushed up on your Arabic recently?? . . . . :wink:
  9. Which Sqn are you???
  10. Leave him alone snail ffs we want him to stay in the Corps!!!!!
  11. Snails hunting you boy, run, run fast :twisted:
  12. Look on the bright side, if he holds up after Snail has finished with him......
    Defo SF materiel :D
  13. once sluggy is finished with him it will be Napolean XIV time....

  14. How are you useless to them? If you are posted to 25 then surely you have completed phase 1 & 2 training irrespective of awaiting a trade? How can you be useless when you can:

    Stag on.
    Operate a bass broom.
    Wield a paintbrush.
    Make brews.
    Serve officers dinner.
    Carry large bits of field engineering equipment from a to b & fit it together under supervision.
    Clean & oil stuff in the G10.

    Or has it really changed that much?
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I would guwess that you are not a "SAT" but a SATT - i.e. a Soldier Awaiting TRADE Training. As K13 says above you are a trained soldier, and a trained combat engineer. You are not useless to them. Get on as many courses as you can, play sport, get on adv training courses, get fit, etc etc.

    Oh - and probably stag on.